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One of our our yoga classes in Denver, for beginner and advanced yogis.

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How many times have you been told recently by doctors, physical therapists and family that you should try yoga? Why is this practice so broadly recommended, yet so few (less than 9% of adults within the United States) people actually take advantage of its benefits? Is it because you believe the hype that you need to be flexible to try yoga? Is it because you claim you “don’t have time”? It’s time to remove the obstacles and excuses and do something for yourself that will nourish mind, body and soul.

At Ohana, our yoga classes are completely accessible for the brand new practitioner as well as any seasoned pro. The wonderful thing about not only beginning a yoga practice, but also continuing over time, is that there is always something to learn. Yes, you will learn yoga postures (“asana”). Yes, you will learn breathing techniques (“pranayama”). Yes, you will learn how to quiet your mind (calm “vritti”). However, you will also learn about yourself through awareness… cognizance of your go-to stress responses that can be mitigated and controlled; presence of mind that surpasses your daily to-do list; connection to the moment to help you understand that you are, in fact, alive.

Join our family and enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice:

increase flexibility
build muscle strength
realign your posture
nourish cartilage and joints through gross motor movements
quench your connective tissues
support bone health
increase blood flow
boost immunity through movement of lymph
cardiovascular conditioning
may lower blood pressure
regulate stress response (cortisol levels)
may increase serotonin and help combat depression
increase metabolism (burns calories)
improve coordination, reaction time and memory
improve balance and proprioception
release tension, both physical and mental
deepen sleep
increase lung capacity and therefore oxygen saturation
help heal digestive problems
reduce/ manage chronic pain

Not enough reasons “why”? Then perhaps you should join us because our yoga instructors are Denver’s best, pure and simple. Not only is our knowledge and experience unparalleled, but we actually care… care about you, care about the practice and care about our entire family. This is not just a yoga studio. It is a tribe. Together we can move, breathe and inspire health and happiness beyond our walls.

Check out our Foundations: Non-Heated Flow, Elevations: Heated Flow, Restorative Yoga, Yoga FiiT and Guided Meditation offerings seven days a week. We can’t wait to welcome you to our family.

Ohana Yoga Studio Classes

Foundations: Non-heated Flow

Every work of architecture requires a solid foundation. Perfect for new vinyasa practitioners or seasoned students alike, Ohana Foundations offering focus on soulful breath (pranayama) and structured alignment in order to elevate vibrations. All levels welcome. The room will only be heated (to 80 degrees) in the winter months when it is cold outside.


Elevations: Heated Flow

Time to take your yoga practice to the next level. Allow the heated room (90-95 degrees) to loosen bound muscles and fascia while requiring an added layer of mental focus and discipline. Anyone can move, but it takes time, focus and dedication to move with intention. Every instructor will bring their own philosophy and experience into this one-of-a-kind experience where you will explore 60-minutes of breath and body connection.


Vin & Yin Flow

Movement & stillness. Strength & suppleness. Yin & yang. Breathe through the dualities of finding both ends of the spectrum in one supportive and energetic practice.


High Flying Flow

If you are looking for an intense yet playful boost in your practice join the flying flow crew! This class is very much inclusive so don’t be shy. Through sequencing, alignment and rocking music you will gain access to more and more advanced postures. Additionally, in class you be given unique exercises to stretch and strengthen in ways that are specific to your individual needs. Feel free to come with particular goals in mind and we will work to make them possible for you. Although your muscles are likely to soar your spirit will soar as well!


Yoga FiiT

Flexibility. Intensity. Interval. Training (FiiT). It’s time to take your FiiTness to the next level. This Yoga class utilizes smart alignment foundation and is designed to fatigue muscles through heart rate spikes (cardio, cardio, cardio) and active recoveries (slow and mindful) in order to maximize caloric burn, melt away fat and boost your metabolism. A unique offering only found at Ohana Yoga + Barre, enjoy both strength and suppleness in 50 short minutes.


Restorative Yoga

How many times have you bought into the illusion that you can’t “do yoga” because you’re inflexible? The “action” of yoga is merely a tool in order to introduce you the powerful “non-action” of yoga. Restorative yoga is all about doing less in order to achieve more. An incredible system to heal the body, restorative yoga helps to integrate your relaxation response, thereby balancing the nervous system and optimizing energy flow to the organs in order to set up your whole body for deep healing, growth and repair. Yoga doesn’t need to be sweat, strength and movement alone; in fact, quite the contrary is true. Allow this supportive, therapeutic and energetic experience to take you deeper into your practice.


Guided Meditation

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in peace. Breathe out harm. Allow our highly experienced Ohana Meditation Guides to take you on a journey through the perfectly imperfect imagery of your mind. All levels welcome, whether brand new to meditation or seasoned pro.

* ALL class formats REQUIRE the use of a yoga mat. Please bring your own or we offer rentals for $2. Barre classes REQUIRE sticky socks (in addition to a yoga mat). Please bring your own pair or we have many styles for purchase in-studio. Feel free to add personal comfort with a sweat/ non-stick towel (rentals $1.50) and water bottle (we offer disposable options and reusable water bottles for sale in our boutique). Come with an open mind and we will focus on taking care of the rest!

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