What Your Yoga Practice Needs More Of

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Humans are habitual creatures: hardcore yogis included! Everybody loves a routine, because it’s the closest thing we have to certainty. We like knowing what will come next so that we may be prepared, and so that we don’t have to deal with the fearful territory of the unknown.

As we journey through our yoga practice, a similar thing tends to happen: we form a routine. We settle on our favorite studio, our favorite spot in said studio, and our favorite classes. And week after week, our practice unravels within those parameters. Ultimately there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact these are the circumstances of regularity, which nurtures a practice of any kind.

But what we notice over time, and with more experience, is that our yoga practice plateaus. There always comes that moment at which we are ready for more knowledge. And in fact, the only way to jump up and away from this plateau IS knowledge. We cannot wait it out, or hope our way through it. We must seek new information.

It is at this plateau in our practice that we, as yogis, advance to more challenging classes, or more challenging instructors. But the cycle repeats, and eventually we will plateau again.

Yoga Practice & Continuing Education

Often times we forget that what we’re obtaining in a yoga class is not just a workout, but also a ton of knowledge. Unfortunately, this knowledge is often pushed aside. We think, “as long as I’m breaking a sweat and breathing a little, I’ve had a good practice.”

It’s true that any workout is a great way to spend an hour. But you are not doing this yoga practice to lounge around on this chaise-lounge of a plateau, are you?

Of course not. At the end of the day, continuing education is one of the most important elements of a yoga practice. And we are the ones responsible for seeking it out!

Continuing education in the yoga world can come from anywhere: a workshop, an intensive, a book, a retreat, an esteemed teacher, etc. And truly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Yes, it comes at an expense. But continuing education does not wear out like a pair of yoga pants. Continuing education gives us a stronger foundation for our practice, while teaching us how to express ourselves more freely; it’s the foundation and the sculpture.

For some reason, we’re always hesitant to sign up for yoga workshops. “It’s too expensive,” “I really don’t have time for that,” and “I just don’t think it’s necessary,” are all explanations that the mind rattles off, often times inaccurately.

After a good workshop, it’s like we’ve put on a new pair of prescription glasses. We can see sharply again. Colors and shapes are brighter. We have a newfound sense of direction and clarity. We may have to experience it to believe it.

In yoga, there is no destination. We don’t test out. There is no good nor bad. We can’t compete for “Best Yogi in the World” because there isn’t one. With yoga, there is only ever expansion. And it’s entirely in your hands.

Join us at Ohana Yoga + Barre for our next Continuing Education event: A Full Day Intensive with Amy Ippoliti on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

FULL DAY INTENSIVE: Expanding the Middle – The Power of Yin and Yang

We are SO excited to have Amy Ippoliti back at Ohana! Join us for a day full of yoga, learning, and community! You can register here!

In this fulfilling day of yoga, we’ll start the morning full on with a spirited practice of inversions and arm balances, and then enter the afternoon session with restorative, soothing practices that stretch, open, and renew your body and spirit.

A.M. Session – 10AM to 12:30PM
Full ON Upside Down Flying Machine: Inversions and Arm Balances for All Levels!

We often over-rely on force in inversions and arm balances rather than using architectural smarts and proper specific warm up to get into them smoothly. Learn to approach these poses with ease, grace, and power. You will learn tricks to kick up to the wall, balance without the wall, open your shoulders, boost your confidence to get airborne, and connect to your playful spirit. By exploring the science and psychology of arm-balances and inversions you will get past the mind blocks that stop you and instead equip you for any challenge life brings in the future. Open to ALL levels !!!

P.M. Session – 1:30PM to 4PM
Simply Irresistible: A Restorative Practice for the Lower Back, Hamstrings and Hips

In the first half of the afternoon session you will breathe new life into your lower body with a delicious spectrum of hamstring, hip, and lower back poses modified for therapeutic relief and benefit. In the second half, bring on the bolsters and blankets and settle deeply into restorative poses to decompress, unwind, and be nourished. Perfect if you want more freedom and ease in your lower body so you can shine more brightly. You will walk away feeling taller, lighter, stronger and like anything is possible! Open to ALL levels of cosmic travelers!!!

$79 for one session
$129 for the full day

Stay tuned for the upcoming yoga events and challenges, we’ve got some surprises for you this Fall!

* You are welcome to purchase one session (am or pm) or both sessions. Please make sure you are signing up for the appropriate session (as well as enrolling yourself in both if you purchase both) as we will not be able to accommodate your reservation without it.

** This is a special offering with limited capacity and we will set-out. Due to that fact, there will be NO REFUNDS ISSUED, NO EXCEPTIONS after September 1st, 2018.