Where Movement, Community, and Conscious Living Flow Together

To Create an Inclusive, Diverse, Representative and Equitable Space
Where ALL are Welcome to Evolve Together

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Denver Yoga + Barre Classes

Take the step towards self-care and self-discovery with 'Ohana.

'Ohana is a family that includes people of all identities + backgrounds, who value an intentional lifestyle aligned with valuing their selves, movement, community, and conscious living. Together, we embrace the lifestyle of personal growth in order to overcome our most challenging obstacles, and meet our true full potential.

Google reviews

Bayla R.

"I have never been a physically active person, so when I decided to pick a place to challenge myself and grow, it was important that I feel like I can learn in a fun and guided environment. I definitely plan on making this a new way of life. No matter your skill level, you’re welcome at 'Ohana!"

Hanna S.

"I have two young kiddos 4 + 16 Months. 'Ohana has been incredible in the way that they support me as a client. Between offering free child care to supporting postnatal poses, 1:1 support during, before, and after classes, I felt an intense community of support and love. The message of grace and love
for my body was the most important part for me. I'm so grateful to 'Ohana for providing a space for me to come and be me."


"Doing 'Ohana Online at home practice has kept me connected to my 'Ohana family, has kept me in shape (mentally and physically), has reminded me to breathe, find love and light in my postures, and to remember that this beautiful community is always there for us. I am grateful everyday"

Leslie V.

"The old Cheers theme song has a line in it, "where everyone knows your name" and that is how I feel about the teachers and ambassadors. Being greeted upon entering or mentioned during class helps develop a very tight community!"

Nisha B.

“The 'Ohana Online classes have been essential for me. It’s been a luxury being able to keep barre and yoga classes as part of my routine when I’m not able to be in the studio. The teachers are amazing, encouraging, and I feel their energy and support through the camera!

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With two membership options, you can choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle.


Co-create and enjoy the intentional community you've always wanted, both in-person and online.

Membership includes:
Unlimited in-studio yoga + barre classes
Unlimited online yoga + barre classes (live + on-demand)
Access to Ice + GLOW–Infrared sauna and Ice Bath (Coming Fall 2023)
Access to the 'Ohana Online Community
Locked in pricing–When prices go up, you pay what you're paying now!

'Ohana Online

The 'Ohana Online platform virtually connects our stellar community from anywhere, anytime. Membership includes:

Unlimited on-demand online yoga + barre classes
Catalogue of 2,000+ hours of pre-recorded classes available for replay, pause, and rewind!
Unlimited livestream online yoga, barre, and meditation classes
Access to our online community via Discord to find new friends and discover resources for your personal evolution

Serving the Berkeley
Neighborhood In Denver

'Ohana means “family,” and this family is devoted to personal growth through practices of health and wellness–yoga, barre, infrared saunas, + ice baths . The world is constantly changing around us, and nature is consistently guiding us to evolve with it.

Our yoga + barre classes are guided by experienced and knowledgeable instructors, who intentionally create a safe space to support you through every stage of your evolution.

We're located in the Berkeley neighborhood of Denver, serving the Highlands, Lower Highlands, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Applewood and Golden. Not in Denver? No problem! Our 'Ohana Online platform is available for ALL- anywhere, anytime.

'Ohana Online Fitness Programs

Habits are created from consistency and accountability, which is why we created the 'Ohana Online Fitness Programs. These programs will help you build a movement routine that serves you and your lifestyle.


Join us for a 30-day program that will strengthen your body and inspire your mind.  Are you desiring greater support within a yoga posture? Check out our 'Ohana Alignment Program and experience a detailed breakdown of 19 of the most commonly seen yoga poses. You'll learn how to feel these in your body and gain the knowledge to adjust them to fit your needs.


Whatever support you're looking for, 'Ohana's Online Fitness Programs are here for your continual growth!