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Yoga Classes in Denver

At Ohana, our yoga classes are completely accessible for the brand new practitioner as well as any seasoned pro in downtown Denver and all surrounding areas. The wonderful thing about yoga practice is, you won’t only learn different yoga styles and postures but also you will learn about yourself through awareness. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of yoga, check out below our yoga classes and descriptions to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Foundations: Non-heated Flow

Every spectacular work of architecture begins with a solid foundation. Perfect for new Vinyasa practitioners and seasoned students alike. Foundations focuses on soulful breath (pranayama) and basic alignment instruction to evolve the mind-body relationship. From this evolution, student will roll up their mats with more mindfulness and the health benefits unique to yoga practice.

All levels welcome. The studio will only be heated in the winter months (maximum 80 degrees), when it is cold outside.

Elevations: Heated Flow

The practice of yoga is an expression — sometimes this expression defies gravity and draws sweat; other times, it invokes yielding and modification. Our Elevations classes inspire growth and strength, while respecting the expressive nature of yoga. In these classes, the studio is heated to loosen tense muscles and fascia, while adding a layer of mental focus and discipline. Every Ohana instructor brings their own philosophy and experience to the room, so that students may expand their practice from all sides.

All are always welcome, though basic yoga experience is encouraged. The studio will be heated to 90-95 degrees.

Vin + Yin Flow

Movement and stillness. Strength and suppleness. Yin and Yang. In our Vin + Yin classes, students will breathe through the duality of the practice in order to achieve what we all deeply crave upon entering the studio: balance. These classes urge you to equally examine your relationship to challenge and ease, illuminating areas of growth on and off the yoga mat.

All levels welcome. The studio will only be heated in the winter months (maximum 80 degrees), when it is cold outside.

High Flying Flow

There is a power in the practice of showing up to challenging postures — whether or not we can achieve them. Sometimes, the mind requires difficulty in order to finally let go of its chatter, and absorb into mindfulness. For students seeking an intense and playful boost in their physical practice, we recommend our High Flying Flow. Expect intelligent sequencing, refined alignment, and a fun atmosphere. Feel free to come with particular goals in mind, so that your instructor can help make them accessible.

This is a yoga class which will incorporate arm balances, inversions, challenging transitions, and advanced techniques. Basic yoga experience highly recommended. Depending on the instructor, the studio may be heated to 90-95 degrees.

Yoga FiiT

FiiT: Flexibility, Intensity, Interval, Training. Experience your fitness and your yoga practice in a whole new way. Yoga FiiT utilizes smart alignment foundation, designed to fatigue muscles through heart rate spikes — cardio. Maximize your caloric burn, melt away fat, and boost your metabolism — active recovery. This cardio and active recovery experience, wrapped up in the familiarity of your yoga practice, will show you your edge and carry you safely beyond it. A unique offering only found at Ohana Yoga + Barre, enjoy both strength and suppleness in 50 short minutes.

All levels welcome. The studio will be heated to 90-95 degrees.

Restorative Yoga

We can forget how good it feels to slow down and nurture our bodies, but we are swiftly reminded in Restorative Yoga class. These classes are all about doing less, to experience more — more depth, more insight, more wisdom. Restorative Yoga is a style designed to heal the body through the integration of your relaxation response, in turn, balancing the nervous system and optimizing energy flow to organs. Benefits extend beyond the physical as well, allowing students access to mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It’s time to allow this supportive, therapeutic and energetic format to take you deeper into your practice.

All levels welcome and encouraged.

Mindful Flow

Connect, clear, and meditate. The physical limb of yoga was historically designed to prepare the body for meditation. Our Mindful Flow class is based upon such a philosophy, utilizing intentional movement and asana to help you find more success in your mindfulness practices. Inside each Mindful Flow class, we experience the anchoring quality of movement, which takes us out of the mind and into the body. Having solidified the mind-body relationship, we conclude class with a relative mindfulness practice. Our mindfulness practice encompasses meditative, intention-setting, and visualization elements. Mindful Flow is the class that unfolds your yoga into the realm of depth and meaning.

All levels welcome, basic yoga experience is helpful. The studio will only be heated in the winter months (maximum 80 degrees), when it is cold outside.