About Ohana


Ohana Yoga + Barre Studio in Highlands Denver

“Ohana” is the Hawaiian word for “family.” From the moment you step through the doors of our newly renovated space on 44th & Tennyson, you will be welcomed as part of our community, part of our Ohana.

Ohana Yoga + Barre is so much more than a fitness studio. Yes, we have Denver’s BEST yoga and barre instructors who will challenge your body in new, unique and exciting ways every single day. We also feature community events, workshops, our Little Lychees Play Group (an activity-directed child development center) and a premium boutique space. You can sweat anywhere. At Ohana, you will be at home.

The Ohana Offering

With a maximized schedule of daily yoga, barre and meditation classes, you’ll find something to elevate your fitness, strengthen your body, open your mind and tap into your potential. You can expect smart, alignment-focused, deep strengthening barre formats paired with dynamic heated and non-heated vinyasa flow yoga classes, restorative yoga and guided meditation. Whether yin or yang, strength or suppleness, sweat or support, we offer something for everyone.

We are excited to introduce two brand new exclusive formats: Barre FiiT and Yoga FiiT (Flexibility. Intensity. Interval Training) which will take your fitness to the next level. In our custom FiiT classes, you can expect to elevate your heart rate (cardio, baby!), blast calories, boost metabolism, sculpt long, lean muscles mass and significantly increase your core strength. FiiT classes are unique and exciting, but are, at their foundation, focused and alignment-based barre and yoga offerings. You will feel supported while simultaneously challenged.


The Ohana Tribe

The Ohana Tribe is incredibly proud to introduce our creation of a community-focused, alignment-based studio providing unsurpassed customer service. Above all else, our classes are SAFE and appropriate for all, whether you are recovering from injury, pregnant or post-partum (especially women suffering from diastasis recti), or new to fitness in general. All of our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who pride themselves on delivery of an amazing workout and mind-body experience, while prioritizing safety, breath, alignment and form.

Attention to detail extends beyond our fitness classes and into the beautiful new boutique, which is stocked with luxurious clothing, active-wear essentials and handmade jewelry. The focal point of the boutique features a large, hand-crafted and rustic table (thank you, @ezra-daviddarnell!) with redwood sourced from a 100-year old mansion in the Denver hood of Capital Hill, perfect for connectivity and community. Also check out our updated Little Lychees Play Group room, rich with patterns, textures, colors and space for your little one to explore. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family!

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