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We all want to make the world a better place, and in today’s climate—where do we start? Serving local and online communities, ‘Ohana is a studio that offers a unique blend of yoga, Barre, and hot + cold therapy as practices that help individuals embrace change and live wholly. We are the only fitness studio in the state that provides access to the Morozko Forge ice bath, complimented by premium infrared heat therapy. Alongside our healing practices, the ‘Ohana studio culture is defined by our commitment to anti-racism and passion for conscious living.

Meet The 'Ohana Family

The Team

Alyssa Manny

Alyssa Manny - Founder

As a cisgender, white, pansexual womxn (pronouns she|her), yoga, movement and fitness have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Come to my classes to ignite your body, and cultivate a deeper awareness of joy off the mat as well.

Devon Barrow

Devon Barrow - Social Media Manager

Katie Jackson Headshot

Katie Jackson - Marketing  + Art

I help women slow down with art that creates calm and inspiring spaces. Slow living is my passion and I bring it into my work as an artist, wallpaper designer, and marketing manager.

Honoring Danish/English Heritage

Our Incredible Teachers

Alina Hokanson

Alina Hokanson

As an athlete and outdoor enthusiast, movement and connecting to nature are at the root of my being. My yoga classes inspire you to come back into rhythm with nature's cycles and with yourSelf, so that collectively we can live with more presence and gratitude through life's peaks and valleys.
Pronouns: she/her

Annie Dee Yoga Teacher

Annie Dee Coyle - Teacher + Guide

I am a cisgender, white, woman (pronouns she/her) yoga and barre instructor. I bring passion to movement based practices, where I love to encourage enlivenment of physical, mental, and emotional grace, felt on and off the mat.

Amber Montano

Amber Montano

BARRE CERTIFIED, RYT200, MA/ECSE Empowering others through movement, motivation and SPARKLEDUST energy!


Carlie Blanchard

My love affair with Barre fitness began in 2008 and since 2017, I have taught over 1,000 group classes (and attended more than I can remember!) Connecting with my clients and helping them have a stronger connection to the body + mind is my ultimate joy. You will leave my classes feeling strong, confident, and uplifted.
Pronouns: She/Her

Caroline Ehret

Movement has been a major modality for healing in my life, pre and postpartum, and I am so excited to share that love with you on the mat. After leaving a career on Capitol Hill in D.C. and earning my MBA at CU Boulder, I have since been embracing a softer phase of life as a mother and movement teacher. My classes are designed with intention to help you feel your rhythm and find your joy. I teach for every type of person and every type of body – expect great beats and a great sweat in a fun, accessible environment!
Pronouns: she/her | I identify as white and Latina.
Carrie Carroll

Carrie Carroll

As former athlete, yoga became active recover for me. Movement is mandatory as daily routine for my mind and body. You will typically experience a fiery flow, where I believe vinyasa is a form of meditation. Let’s breathe and move together!

(She/her), Cisgender, White, Mom, Wife. Much love.


Cassie Bucksmith

Whether at the barre or on my mat, movement is my medicine!  It is an essential part of my lifestyle in both personal practice as well as what I feel deeply called to share.  I hope to spark your curiosity and encourage merriment as we explore the spirit-body connection.

Chelle Jozefczyk

Chelle Jozefczyk

As a cisgender, white, pansexual womxn (she/her), it continues to be my honor to share movement, breath, and contemplation techniques that have been passed down from my teachers with all who connect with me. Love is my leading principle while guiding my Yoga, Barre, and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance classes that are designed to soothe, uplift, and balance your body and mind.


Chris Loving-Campos

Hello friends! I love guiding classes and holding space. I love throwing down a challenging class and I love getting upside down. More than anything, the connections that are made is what drives me. My love for yoga began in 2006 and I plan to be handstanding well into my hundreds! When not on my mat, you can find me in the mountains being nurtured by nature.

Pronouns: Him/He

Claire Carwell

Claire Carwell

Ever fascinated by the interplay between structure and creativity, I, a white, heterosexual womxn (she/her) satisfy my life-long exploration of this duality by practicing + teaching yoga as well as practicing as an Architect. The intersections of these two worlds are vast. Join me in flow to help draw closer to yourself and to stoke the spirit of inquiry that lives within each of us.

JoAnna Cordell

JoAnna Cordell

Yoga has been a steady force in nearly all of my adult life. I have been teaching intermittently since completing my 200hr RYT in 2015 and I feel incredibly grateful to call the Ohana community home. My vinyasa & restorative classes are a blend of stillness and movement, focus and alignment, power and softness.

Pronouns: She/her

Josh Harding-Lewis

Josh Harding-Lewis

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up as a cisgender black Native American male, I quickly grew a passion for all things sports. During my tenure as a collegiate athlete, I sustained a low back injury where yoga became part of my physical therapy. My yoga practice became a new frontier for physical prowess, which led to 13 years of experience. In 2017, my medical profession took me from Phoenix, AZ to Denver, where I began to hone his ability to teach yoga. My goal is to leave you feeling invigorated with a side of bliss.

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

Katie Critchfield

Katie Critchfield

Over the past decade of teaching barre my style of teaching has evolved. The one thing that I have always strived for is for people to feel seen, safe, and challenged in my classes.
Pronouns: she/her


Kerry Audie

Kerry Audie

I (she/her) fell in love with movement at a young age. Growing up within a diverse community north of Boston, I was exposed to many cultures and modalities of movement. My own Lebanese heritage influenced my love of dance and now I get my fix of moving to music through barre! As a mom of three and a leader in the pre/postnatal fitness industry, I feel the call to help others fall in love with moving their bodies in a holistic way. I hope you leave my classes feeling aligned, empowered, stronger and smiling.



Missy Fresques

I (she/her) took my first yoga class in college and was immediately drawn to the yoga community. Over the last decade, I have been teaching both in-person and virtually. My classes will encourage you to cultivate deeper mind and body awareness. They will challenge you to build strength from within. Most importantly, they will inspire you to connect to the most authentic version of yourself!


Norrell Moore Yoga Teacher

Norrell Moore 

As a cisgender, white, heterosexual woman (she/her), fitness along with music & dance are a vital part to my overall physical and mental well-being. Join me in class and expect a bumpin’ playlist to sweat to while we move together.

Reace Daniel

Reace Daniel

As a cisgender white gay male who moonlights as a drag queen , I have found so much peace in yoga and movement. We come together on the mat as one and I get to guide with love and play!

Pronouns: He/Him

Our Incredible Ice + GLOW Guides

Adam Swerling

Adam Swerling

Adam is a cisgender white man (He/Him). Originally from Massachusetts, Adam completed his 200-Hour YTT with 'Ohana in 2023. Exploring the balance between strength and spaciousness, Adam’s approach to wellness focuses on establishing a relationship of trust with the Self through dedicated practice.

Emily Bunny

Emily Bunny

Bunny was raised in Buffalo, NY and calls Denver home. She completed her 200-hour YTT at Ohana Yoga + Barre in 2023, and is charmed by the softer practices within the yoga world.

Kayla Kaufman Denver Ice Bath

Kayla Kaufman

Kayla (she/her) is a native New Yorker, life long athlete, and highly intuitive person who gets immense joy from guiding, and holding space for, others on their healing & spiritual journeys. She is a Yoga Instructor, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, and Life Purpose Institute Certified Life Coach. You can find her on tiktok or instagram or in the Ice + GLOW space guiding ice baths here at Ohana.

Liz Bessey

Liz Bessey

Liz is a queer, white woman (she/her, they/them) born and raised in Colorado- a mover and shaker their whole life. She completed her 200hr YTT at ‘Ohana and has been focused on their central nervous system regulation ever since. She enjoys every movement and healing modality ‘Ohana has to offer. They’re an all around silly goose who loves feeling their feelings.


Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver

Sarah is an avid reader, hiker, yogi, and now Ice+GLOW guide! She loves the 'Ohana Yoga + Barre community and is so excited to continue this journey together.

Our Incredible Guest Teachers

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Alycia Wong - Somatic Breathwork

Somatic Breathwork is an inward journey of coming home to yourself. A practice designed to liberate you from the stress, self-limiting beliefs, and unprocessed emotion held in your body. When you release the energetic weight of this pressure, you are able to experience clarity of mind, connection to purpose, and embody new states of vitality.

Kathy Sietos Sound Healing Denver

Kathy Sietos - Sound Healing

My greatest passion to date is to witness and help facilitate deep energetic and emotional healing within a group setting. When 2 or more people gather together in ceremony and ritual a beautiful amplification of energy manifests. Each session is unique but all sessions will incorporate herbs, smoke clearings, guided and impactful healing techniques that are intermixed with a symphony of sacred frequencies and sounds.

Paris Farr Denver Dancer

Paris Farr - Hip Hop Workshops

Paris Farr attended the Cleveland School of the Arts where he was trained in Ballet, Horton, Graham, Non traditional partnering, African, Hip Hop, Jazz , and Break dancing. Look forward to getting your blood pumping with old school and new school hip hop moves and music while also learning about the hip hop culture.

Pronouns: He/Him

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Unlimited livestream online yoga, barre, and meditation classes
Access to our online community via Discord to find new friends and discover resources for your personal evolution


Co-create and enjoy the intentional community you've always wanted, both in-person and online.

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