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Why I Quit Social Media

Is Social Media Serving You? Why I Left Social Media Behind

I should preface this with the fact that my entire business is online and I'm a brand strategist. ...
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Restorative Yoga Class

Restorative Yoga: A Beginner’s Mind

As the nights get longer and the days shorter you might be finding yourself tuning in more often. ...
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Menstrual Self-care

Self-Care During Your Monthly Flow

It’s no secret that your body changes during your period; however, most of the widely discussed changes are ...
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New Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals

Moon-curious? Here’s what you need to know about new moon rituals to leverage the cosmic energy of the ...
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Sunday Scaries

Dealing with the Sunday Scaries

You know the feeling. It’s Sunday and the start of the workweek is looming. Worries about the week ...
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Stillness in the Holiday Season

Finding Stillness in the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is a time of year we dream about often. There’s something exciting about our community ...
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7 Tips to Survive The Chaos In 2022

We’re all feeling it. The pure overwhelm. From the holiday rush to the end-of-year workload, to staying healthy ...
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How to let go of stress

30 Days To Less Stress: Ready?

Can you imagine a life without stress? For most of us, the answer is no — and that's ...
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golden healer quartz

Crystals 101: Golden Healer Quartz

Golden Healer Quartz connects us to the Universal Life Force, or Divine Spirit, and is considered one of ...
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Barre FLOW Free Class

Barre Meets Yoga in this Barre FLOW class

There is a time when our energy is up and we're ready to put in the hard work, ...
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