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Barre FiiT

Get Barre FiiT

You've heard of a HiiT class (High-Intensity Interval Training) but have you heard of a Fiit class (Flexibility. ...
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Triangle Pose Alignment

Alignment Tips: Triangle Pose

Triangle pose, also called Trikonasana in Sanskrit, is a foundational standing pose in yoga that strengthens and lengthens ...
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Solar Plexus

Chakras 101: Caring For Your Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Everything is energy. All around us, there is an invisible sea of life-force energy connecting all facets of ...
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Find Abundance

Conscious Living: Abundance Part 4–Find Abundance

If we want to enjoy abundance on the physical plane, then we must move out of scarcity and ...
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Muscle Fatigue

Why Your Muscles Shake After Working Out

If you aren’t seeing results from your workouts maybe it’s time to shake things up–literally! When you work ...
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Crystals For Sleep

Crystals For Better Sleep

Sleep is a fundamental part of our health and well-being. There is no shortage of pills and potions ...
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Alignment for Half Moon

Alignment Tips: Half Moon

Say hello to ankle, leg, and core strength as you build stability, focus, and balance in Ardha Chandrasana ...
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Embrace gratitude

Conscious Living: Abundance Part 3–Gratitude

Now that we understand how scarcity is showing up in our lives, we can start tapping into abundance. ...
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The 8 Limbs of Yoga

What Are The 8 Limbs of Yoga?

In the West, we generally understand yoga as a practice that helps our bodies stay fit and our ...
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Let go of scarcity

Conscious Living: Abundance Part 2–Let Go of Scarcity

If we aren't living in abundance, then we're probably living in scarcity. Scarcity is the belief that "there's not ...
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