Breath work

Breathwork and the Ice Bath

Incorporating Breathwork with Hot and Cold Therapy

Incorporating breathwork and meditation with hot and cold therapy offers a holistic approach to wellness. Research suggests that specific breathing techniques, such as pranayama-inspired practices, can effectively reduce perceived stress when combined with cold exposure. A study involving adults found that the combination of breathwork and cold exposure had a positive effect on reducing stress…
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Denver Somatic Breathwork

Denver Somatic Breathwork: Healer of the Month Alycia Wong

This February we are diving into the world of Somatic Breathwork with the wonderful Alycia Wong of The Way Hōm, a company whose mission is to empower collective well-being through self-care and resilience-building practices. Her Somatic Breathwork classes are a place for healing, empowerment, and connection. Here is a quick video introducing her to our…
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Why you need a breathwork practice

Why is breathwork so powerful?

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, we often find ourselves trapped in a whirlwind of responsibilities, stress, and anxiety. Amidst this chaos, it becomes crucial to pause, take a step back, and reconnect with ourselves. In this quest for inner peace and balance, one practice emerges as a guiding light – breathwork.…
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Fire Breathwork

Alchemy of Fire: Building your Internal Fire to Burn What Doesn’t Serve

Fire is the element of change. It keeps us warm, it sheds light on what needs to be seen, and when necessary it is a tool to burn it all to the ground. Just like a forest fire (or even a control burn) fire can be used to burn out what is dangerous or non-life-giving…
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Breathwork: Cosmic Breath practice

Breathwork: Cosmic Breath

Breath is life. From ancient texts about the creation of the world, we often find that it all started with a single breath. Which goes to show just how powerful our breath is. In a time when things move quickly and stress symptoms are high, its easy to lose our breath. Often times we’ll find…
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Restorative Yoga Class

Restorative Yoga: A Beginner’s Mind

As the nights get longer and the days shorter you might be finding yourself tuning in more often. We see seem to be looking for the cozy spots in life where we find rest, settle down, and catch our breath. While no season ever seems to completely slow down these days, winter does bring a…
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