Yoga Philosophy

Change is Constant: How to Embrace It

As fall sweeps over through color and fresh air we find ourselves in an environment of transition. We find ourselves in a bittersweet mood as summer fades farther into memory, and we welcome the cozy and inward feels of autumn. If you’re like me, transitional seasons might trigger a bit of sentimentality. Or a trip…
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Sweet Savasana: Exploring Yoga’s Most Important Pose

We’ve all heard it before in our yoga classes: savasana is the most important pose.  Or we see it on yoga t-shirts: I’m just here for the savasana. Even people who don’t practice yoga seem to understand the central importance of this posture.  For as basic as savasana is, it’s also known as the hardest…
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A History of Yoga to Deepen Your Practice

The understanding of yoga has evolved in many directions since its origin, thousands of years ago, making the history of yoga fascinating to examine. Today, our collective understanding of yoga is based on the fact that we find a studio on nearly every block. It’s based on the love of yoga wear and gear, which…
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