Gr8 Glutes: 8-Minute Seat Work Class with Ceci

We’re feeling really jazzed about having this killer seat work video on hand. In this video, Ceci targets all regions of your glutes. And in a typical Ceci-fashion, you’ll be feeling the burn in no time. We recommend putting on your favorite playlist and jumping right in. There are a couple of moments throughout this…
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Upper Body Workout Without Weights

Everybody loves a good arm workout. But we tend to think we’re only getting a good arm workout when there’s equipment involved — weights, straps, that sort of thing. But did you know that you can get an amazing arm workout without any equipment at all? Just using your body and some targeted movement will get…
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Improve Your Posture! Neutral Pelvis Alignment

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had lower back pain after working out? Discomfort after standing too long? A tender sacrum that sends you to the chiropractor every other week? Every person in this world deals with asymmetry and imbalance in their body. Because our bodies are meant to move, it’s not realistic that we…
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