20-Minute Free Barre Class

20-Minute Barre Blast For A Little YOU Time Today

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? We hear you! From running businesses to caring for children to taking over the world, life takes a lot of time, and self-care is often put on the bottom of the to-do list. Here’s the thing…you deserve some YOU time. Even if it’s just a…
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Barre FLOW Free Class

Barre Meets Yoga in this Barre FLOW class

There is a time when our energy is up and we’re ready to put in the hard work, but hard work is always done best when in a state of flow. That’s where Barre FLOW comes in. A combination of Barre beats, dance choreography, weight training, and fully integrated with a dynamic yoga flow. Enjoy…
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Barre FLOW with Ohana Yoga + Barre

Barre FLOW

Come check out the latest and greatest love affair: Barre FLOW… a combination of Barre beats, dance choreography, cardio intervals + sculpt weight training fully integrated with a dynamic yoga flow. Enjoy the benefits of a butt-kicking Barre class with the flow state of vinyasa yoga in order to strengthen AND lengthen simultaneously. sweat burn…
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Barre FiiT

Get Barre FiiT

You’ve heard of a HiiT class (High-Intensity Interval Training) but have you heard of a Fiit class (Flexibility. Intensity. Interval. Training)? Take your FiiTness to the next level with Ohana’s Barre FiiT class. This Barre class utilizes our smart alignment foundation and is designed to fatigue muscles through heart rate spikes (read: cardio, cardio, cardio)…
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Barre Classes

Why You Need To Take Barre Classes

In all things, there is a balance that needs to be found–Spending time with family and time for ourselves, eating healthy and having the chocolate you love to savor, and of course, breaking a sweat and finding ease in our bodies. As a yoga + barre studio, we want you to find balance not only…
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Barre BURN

Feel The Burn with Barre BURN

We love a good restorative or Mindful FLOW class but sometimes you just need to feel the burn. And what we practice more than anything here at Ohana Yoga + Barre is balance. That’s why we offer yoga + barre with a variety of styles to fit your needs, including Barre BURN. Barre BURN is…
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