Your Guide to Trying New Fitness Trends in Denver

In the dynamic realm of wellness, embracing change can be a powerful catalyst for personal evolution. It’s in the spirit of adventure and holistic exploration that we invite you to dive into the world of fitness trends at ‘Ohana Yoga + Barre in Denver. As you embark on this journey of self-discovery, you’ll find that our studio offers a diverse array of classes, including various barre and yoga styles, creating an environment where you can explore new fitness trends with confidence and support.

Unveiling the World of Fitness Trends

The fitness world is constantly evolving, with new trends and approaches emerging regularly. From high-intensity interval training to mindful movement practices, there’s a trend to suit every wellness explorer. At ‘Ohana, we recognize the importance of catering to this curiosity. Our studio proudly offers an extensive range of classes (with a variety of teachers), making it easier for you to sample these trends under one roof. Whether you’re intrigued by the serene world of Denver yoga or the sculpting power of Denver barre, our classes provide a dynamic platform for your exploration.

Variety in One Place

‘Ohana’s all-access membership and flexible (never expires!) 10-pack options provide you with the freedom to curate your fitness journey. With an all-access membership, you can explore an array of classes, discovering which trends resonate most with your unique needs. Perhaps you’ll find the flow of Vinyasa yoga aligns perfectly with your wellness goals, or maybe you’ll uncover the strength and grace of barre. Alternatively, our 10-pack option offers versatility for those looking to dabble in various fitness trends without committing to a long-term plan. Perfect for those who travel a lot or want to be able to mix things up at different studios.

A Supportive Environment

One of the key aspects that sets ‘Ohana apart is our commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive environment. Stepping into a new fitness trend can be both exhilarating and intimidating. Our instructors are not only experts in their fields but also passionate about guiding you on your holistic exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or stepping onto the mat for the first time, our community fosters an atmosphere where you can embrace new experiences without judgment. We also want this to be a place for all genders and races to feel welcome. If you ever see a way in which our studio doesn’t feel welcoming, we always want to know about it so we can take steps to fix the problem. We honor the fact that we aren’t perfect and welcome constructive criticism that will make us better.

Along with the supportive environment that will help guide you in your holistic fitness experience, you’ll also find a community that loves to connect. Whether we’re having conversation on the free digital community app on discord, meeting up for coffee’s at our monthly Conscious Coffee dates, or providing a community event at the studio to connect and get to know each other. One of the many reasons to join the ‘Ohana family is the community.

Denver Yoga: A Journey Within

Denver yoga, renowned for its emphasis on mindfulness and self-discovery, beckons those seeking a deeper connection with their inner selves. With a variety of yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Nidra, Restorative, FiiT, 20-minute online classes, and Yin, you can explore the multifaceted world of yoga. Discover the serenity of a gentle flow or the transformative power of a heated practice.

You’ll find that each teacher has a bit different style of teaching, but all come with a deep background knowledge in yoga offering you different tools and postures to explore the poetry of yoga. You can also take you exploration even deeper by signing up for the ‘Ohana 200-hour yoga teacher training which offers the most in-depth look at the 8-limbs of yoga. Whether you use this training simply for your own practice or to become a yoga teacher, you’ll walk away with a totally different practice and a group of friends you’ll have for life. The Denver yoga scene at ‘Ohana offers endless possibilities for your holistic exploration.

Denver Barre: Sculpting Strength and Grace

For those desiring a fitness trend that combines strength and grace, Denver barre classes await. This trend, inspired by ballet, targets specific muscle groups while promoting balance and flexibility. ‘Ohana’s barre classes blend elements of Pilates and dance to help you sculpt your physique. It’s an opportunity to explore a unique fitness trend that marries elegance with fitness and epic playlists, all within our welcoming studio.

Embrace the Adventure

As you embark on your journey of holistic exploration, we invite you to embrace the adventure. ‘Ohana Yoga + Barre in Denver is your gateway to discovering new fitness trends and experiencing the transformative power of mindful movement. Whether you choose the all-access membership for unlimited exploration or opt for the flexibility of a 10-pack, know that our studio is a sanctuary for your wellness exploration. Step into the world of fitness trends with confidence, knowing you have a supportive community at your side, ready to cheer you on every step of the way. Your path to holistic well-being begins here.

Katie Leigh Jackson Denver Artist and Illustrator

Katie Jackson is an Ohana YTT Graduate and Artist in the Denver Area. She creates artwork and wallpaper that showcases the magic in the ordinary and helps others live a simpler more peaceful life. Get tips + resources to create a calmer life and home with her free slow living library