Yoga Flow

Om Hare Om Yoga FLOW with Ohana Yoga + Bare

Om Hare Om – It’s All Good

Hakuna Matata, Pura Vida, C’est La Vie, Om Hare Om–they all come back to the same concept, it’s all good. This moment, this challenge, this flow of life is all good. No matter where you are in life, it’s all good. While we so often get caught up in comparison, either to others or ourselves,…
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Tapas Yoga Flow Class

Practicing Tapas In Your Yoga FLOW

What would it look like to shine your heart and your mind towards Tapas? Not your favorite Spanish treat but instead self-discipline, one of the Niyama’s–a part of the 8-limbs of yoga. If you just shuddered from the thought of self-discipline, we get it. That’s an overly aggressive phrase to practice self-awareness or mindfulness. In…
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Moon Salutations Full Moon Flow

Moon Salutations: Full Moon Yoga FLOW

The moon is a representation of so much more than just astronomy. It is the representation of the softer energy associated with the divine feminine. The moon, in all its cycles, reminds us that transformation is constant. In this yoga FLOW class, you’ll experience cycles with a play on sun salutations, moon salutations. Tonight, as…
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Valentine's Date Night Yoga

How To Have The Perfect Yoga Date Night

Yoga is an intimate practice. As we step onto the nurturing corners of our yoga mat, our practice asks us to get into our body and breath. It asks us to take our focus off of busy daily life, and place our attention on the simplicity of the present moment. So what could be better…
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Morning Yoga Routine

20-Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Self-Care and Stability

We’re all feeling it – there’s a heaviness in the air all around us, one that has seemed to linger for far too long this year. The weight of it all is intense. There is so much unknown, so many things shifting on what seems like a daily basis. It feels impossible to keep up,…
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Prenatal Yoga Flow

20-Minute Prenatal Yoga Flow with Clare

If you’ve spent any time getting to know us, online or in-person, you’ll know we’re all about supporting mothers at all stages of the journey. Whether you’re prenatal, postnatal, or a veteran mama — Ohana is here for your body, mind, and soul. This is why we want to give you a preview of our prenatal…
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