Yoga Flow

Manifest Positive Energy Through Your Flow

Resolutions don’t work for us all–some might say they don’t really work at all. The New Year is a place of transition. It provides us with an energetic clean slate as we look on to another cycle of the sun. For some, this same clean slate might be your birthday or another date on the…
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Peaceful Online Yoga Flow

Transition Into Peace With This 60-Minute Yoga FLOW

The next 60-minutes are just for you. A time to reconnect with your breath, to tune in, to transition into the peace you’ve been searching for all day. This space is your you-time and you deserve every minute of it. As we come out of the season of giving we have to remember that we…
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Yoga FiiT Flow with Alyssa

You’ve heard of HIIT classes (High-Intensity Interval Training). But what happens when you take the intense workout of a HIIT class and combine it with the fluidity of a yoga flow class? You get Yoga FiiT–The perfect combination of breathwork, flexibility enhancing movements, and cardio that will kick your butt. Our Yoga FiiT classes are…
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Align and Flow Yoga Class

Align+Flow Into Acceptance

In this deep hip opening class, you’ll flow through your postures with intention and a present mind. Devon Barrow will take you on a journey through your body helping you find proper alignment in this sequence so that you can feel the deep release of your muscles and all the emotions, thoughts, and desires you…
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Restorative Yoga Class

Restorative Yoga: A Beginner’s Mind

As the nights get longer and the days shorter you might be finding yourself tuning in more often. We see seem to be looking for the cozy spots in life where we find rest, settle down, and catch our breath. While no season ever seems to completely slow down these days, winter does bring a…
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Mindful FLOW grounding Yoga Class

Mindful FLOW: Gentle Movement Into Total Stillness

. connect . clear . meditate The physical limb of yoga (Asana) was historically designed to prepare the body for meditation. Our Mindful FLOW class is based upon such a philosophy, utilizing intentional movement and asana to help you find more success in your mindfulness practices. Inside each Mindful FLOW class, we experience the anchoring…
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