Yoga FiiT Flow with Alyssa

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You’ve heard of HIIT classes (High-Intensity Interval Training). But what happens when you take the intense workout of a HIIT class and combine it with the fluidity of a yoga flow class? You get Yoga FiiT–The perfect combination of breathwork, flexibility enhancing movements, and cardio that will kick your butt.

Our Yoga FiiT classes are accessible to anyone because it’s your body and you know when to stop or keep going. When choosing a more intense workout, we always encourage even more tuning into your body to decide what feels good, where your edge is, and what movement (and length of movement) is right for you.

Enjoy this free 50-minute Yoga FiiT class with Ohana Owner, Alyssa Manny. Over the course of 50-minutes, you’ll work up a sweat, get in tune with your body and enhance your flexibility and strength all at the same time. We pack it in for these classes, so grab your mat and a water bottle and get ready to move.

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