Align and Flow Yoga Class

Align+Flow Into Acceptance

In this deep hip opening class, you’ll flow through your postures with intention and a present mind. Devon Barrow will take you on a journey through your body helping you find proper alignment in this sequence so that you can feel the deep release of your muscles and all the emotions, thoughts, and desires you…
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Chair Pose Alignment

Alignment Tips: Chair Pose

Chair Pose, or Utkatasana in Sanskrit, is a standing yoga posture that tones the entire body, particularly the legs. The Sanskrit name comes from the words “utkata” meaning “powerful” or “fierce” and “asana” meaning “pose” and, make no mistake, Chair Pose can be a fierce posture for your thigh muscles! Utkatasana is an essential component…
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Dancer Pose

Alignment Tips: Dancer Pose

Dancer Pose, or Natarajasana in Sanskrit, is a backbend, heart-opener, and balancing pose all at once. It builds full-body strength and coordination and requires a hefty dose of determination. Dancer Pose also serves as a beautiful metaphor for life as it teaches us to kick out of the past and reach into the future while…
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Alignment Tips: Cat-Cow

The simple cat-cow stretch is more beneficial than it looks. I love this pose because it’s simple enough that almost everyone can perform it and you don’t need to be particularly flexible to master it. It’s usually incorporated in a yoga flow as part of a warm-up, but cat-cow can also be done on its…
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Lotus Pose

Alignment Tips: Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose is one of the most recognized yoga poses, even by people who don’t practice yoga. It is considered by many to be the “classic” yoga pose and is often used for meditation or as a way to begin class. However, Lotus Pose is an advanced pose that is not suitable for everyone, especially…
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Triangle Pose Alignment

Alignment Tips: Triangle Pose

Triangle pose, also called Trikonasana in Sanskrit, is a foundational standing pose in yoga that strengthens and lengthens the hamstrings and groin while simultaneously opening the shoulders and stretching the hips. This foundational asana is named for the triangle shape your body makes in the posture. What are the benefits of this pose? Triangle pose…
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