Denver Date Night

Connect with your partner through adaptive healing 

Denver's Coldest Date Night

Relationships that truly matter require tremendous time, commitment, and devotion. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of planning the same activities, and predicting your partner's stories. The effect of lack of surprise is what naturally happens when time generates deep grooves of predictability and patterns.

There is one place in this world where every human becomes a surprise: the `Ohana Ice + GLOW experience.

Throughout the initial shock of sub-40 degree full body ice bath immersion, your partner will be met by their own unique stress response cycle, which may include aspects of fight, flight, fawn and/or freeze. Throughout the journey of their life, they have developed their own protective strategies to deal with trauma, pain, and intense discomfort. These protective strategies have kept them safe throughout their lifetime. And they will naturally be revealed in the #truthtub within the first 30-45 seconds of submersion.

Just like love, the Ice + GLOW experience is powerful, real and raw.

Have an Unpredictable Date Night

Date Night is a group experience where five (5) couples (10 humans) merge to support one another within our vulnerable stress response cycles.

In this 2.5-hour workshop led by an experienced Guide, we will share intentional time for breathwork, guided ice baths, infrared sauna sessions, and partner goal setting.

Date Night is an experience like no other where you will be able to observe and witness your partner like you never have before... moving beyond their ingrained stress responses and into a state of potential regulation.

Date Night Pricing

Per Couple


*max of five (5) couples (10 people) to allow for sacred space.

**Zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs in your system prior to arrival. Save the party for later and enjoy your true self

About Our Ice Bath

Cold plunges are currently trending, and we're here to offer an adaptive lens that takes this practice to an even higher level with the state-of-the-art Morozko Forge ice bath. We are proud to offer the very best ice bath on the market.

Bathing in ice cold water is daunting as we haven't yet evolved the physiological understanding and tolerance for enduring very low temperatures. And yet, ice baths are one of the most profound tools for cultivating physical and mental resilience. Not to mention, they decrease inflammation, boost circulation, support hormonal balance, increase energy, and more benefits below. Ice baths are nothing short of a life changing experience.

We are here to guide you through the discomfort and transformation of the ice bath experience. Before you know it, this might just be your favorite self-love routine.


"After experiencing this drastic fluctuation in temperature I could feel a sense of relief and extreme relaxation. For the remainder of the day I was feeling very tranquil in my body and mind. I felt at peace."


"I would highly recommend the guided experience as it truly makes a difference especially when it’s your first time. Every experience is different but mind was incredible! I never thought I could spend 7.5 mins submerged in ice water and felt so strong and energized after."


"The ice and glow experience was therapeutic for me! If you’re considering it, just try it. The way I felt for two days afterward outweighed the initial shock of the cold."


"We are capable of so much more than we think we can handle and you will most definitely surprise yourself through this experience. (The sauna) was simply a beautiful time to sit and immerse myself in the warmth + residual personal power I felt after the ice bath."


"To be completely honest, it was massively transformative It’s hard to actually say , I “enjoy” the experience- but the purpose isn’t necessarily joy in the moment , it’s how to relax in the difficult moment and know the literal high afterwords is worth the challenge I had honestly a fully magical energy day all day and so much joy as a benefit from ice bath."

About Our Infrared Sauna

To compliment our cold therapy, we offer a top of the line full-spectrum infrared sauna to elevate your self-care routine. Our Sunlighten mPulse Infrared Sauna offers precise far, mid, and near infrared and red light wavelengths for optimal benefits.

The infrared sauna has been proven to support immunity, muscle recovery, sleep, stress management, and beyond (more benefits below). Experiencing warming temperatures in a serene atmosphere is an easy way to tune into self-love, and connect more deeply with yourself. Plus, who doesn't love a good sweat.

We are here to guide you as you enjoy the best and most nurturing sauna experience possible for mind, body, and spirit.