Prenatal Yoga + Barre

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Welcome to Motherhood

Your prenatal months are a time to develop a relationship with your baby, as well as with yourself. Your body already contains the wisdom you desire. Now is a potent time to really listen to the rhythms of your internal landscape in order to feel a deeper connection.

While we offer virtual and on-demand prenatal-specific classes, all of our in-person classes are incredibly pregnancy supportive. Our Ohana instructors are the best in the biz in terms of offering pregnancy variations + modifications. Feel assured that you can join any of our yoga and/or barre class formats and feel complete pregnancy support from start to finish.

The biggest gift you can give yourself in pregnancy is time for self-care. As your little one arrives, you will then become a model for their health and wellness. This is the time to commit to you in order to thrive as time flows and your baby grows.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prenatal Fitness

Did You Know We Offer Free Childcare?

Come in during your prenatal journey to immerse yourself in our community now, and also take advantage of our free childcare when your little one arrives earth side.

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