Denver Prenatal Yoga

Find the extra support your body needs with Ohana's Prenatal Yoga

Start Your Prenatal Yoga Journey

Ohana means family and we want to support you as your family begins to grow.

On Ohana Online you'll find 20-minute Prenatal Yoga classes that fit with any schedule. These classes are specifically created to condition your body to stretch and strengthen over the course of the next 9 months. Connect with your changing body with Prenatal Yoga and consider us part of your growing family!

Why Ohana's Prenatal Yoga?

Ohana's Prenatal Yoga classes will teach you to listen to your body and understand the changes that are happening.

You'll learn how to maintain intra-abdominal pressure while connecting to your deep core muscles. While honoring and acknowledging this fascinating time in your life with a conscious community dedicated to love and grace.

You'll also get access to:


Unlimited on-demand 20-60 minute yoga flows


Unlimited livestream classes you can add to your schedule


Variety of styles to support your changing energy levels


Teachers who know the female body and can help answer questions!

 In-Person + Online Yoga 

Want a community of women to support you in your prenatal journey?

As a family, we're here to support you on your journey as a mother. Join us as an All-Access Member and come in for an in-person class with modifications that will support your changing body. Our instructors are the best in the business in supporting the prenatal journey.

You'll also get access to all our Ohana Online classes so that you can take a class when it fits your needs (and your sleep schedule!). Most of all, surround yourself with women who have been where you are now and are ready to offer insights into their experience. Join this community of strong and graceful women who are here to support you!

Test the waters of an All-Access membership for just $99. You'll get unlimited in-person classes at our Denver studio, unlimited online access, plus an amazing community to love on you for 30-days at this special price!

Why Denver Momma's Love Prenatal Yoga

Callie G.

"I know that there can be a lot of information out there that can be scary and confusing but I always felt safe and confident in the knowledge I was provided with at Ohana. In learning about how to strengthen my pelvic floor I was able to stay safe during my pregnancy and pain-free, which is really incredible. To you Ohana, I give you so many thanks and so much love!"

Emily D.

Ohana has been a huge part of my prenatal journey. During my first pregnancy, I loved attending prenatal classes and meeting the other mommas and mommas to be. Now in my second pregnancy, I am loving taking the online classes!

Hanna S.

While I was pregnant with both my babies, Ohana gave me community. It helped me control the emotions that go with pregnancy and feel very healthy throughout. It was low impact, supported and the guidance to having the most healthy exercise regimen with pregnant was unparalleled to anywhere else I've ever been.

Prenatal Yoga FAQ

Become an Ohana Member

Become a member of Ohana Yoga + Barre and get access to unlimited online yoga and barre classes as you continue your wellness journey into postnatal and beyond.

'Ohana Online

The 'Ohana Online platform virtually connects our stellar community from anywhere, anytime. Membership includes:

Unlimited on-demand online yoga + barre classes
Catalogue of 2,000+ hours of pre-recorded classes available for replay, pause, and rewind!
Unlimited livestream online yoga, barre, and meditation classes
Access to our online community via Discord to find new friends and discover resources for your personal evolution


Co-create and enjoy the intentional community you've always wanted, both in-person and online.

Membership includes:
Unlimited in-studio yoga + barre classes
Unlimited online yoga + barre classes (live + on-demand)
2 complimentary monthly Ice + GLOW–Infrared sauna and Ice Bath sessions
Access to the 'Ohana Online Community
Locked in pricing–When prices go up, you pay what you're paying now!