Denver's 50-Hour Barre Training

May 9-25, 2024

Take Your Teaching To The Next Level

Whether you are already an instructor, 'Ohana member, consistent student or new to this community, this training is for you!

Becoming certified in a specific exercise platform is easy. Becoming knowledgeable, skillful and adept in the art of instruction takes YEARS. The only way towards being comfortable as a guide is to rip down your barriers, dissolve your biases, dive into the discomfort of the unknown and start from scratch.

Spring 2024 Schedule

A typical weekly schedule will include your commitment to the following in-person sessions. You will also be required to complete homework, take `Ohana Barre classes, observe classes, and practice teach to complete your certification. The in-person modules are mandatory, while the homework, Barre classes and practice teaching sessions can be done according to your own life and schedule.

Classroom Sessions - mandatory 10 hours/week

Training will begin on Thursday, May 9, 2024. For all three weeks of training, mandatory in-person training sessions will take place every Thursday from 6:00pm - 9:30pm MST and Saturday from 9:00am - 4:30pm (one hour break for lunch) in-person.

Homework - recommended 2 hours/week
  • Homework worksheets that will provide a holistic understanding of the functional fitness of a Barre practice, physical anatomy, cue-ing and hands-on assists
Barre Practice - recommended 5 hours/week

Expand your personal practice with access to our unlimited Ohana Online catalog of over +4000 hours of on-demand and livestream classes, PLUS access to our in-person studio for the three weeks of training.

What You'll Learn in This Barre Training

During this 50-hour training we'll be setting you up for success in order to guide functional, safe + inspiring group fitness classes. You can expect to learn:

What Students Are Saying

"I highly recommend this training program with Alyssa to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals, become a confident instructor and find a supportive community that feels like family. It's an exceptional journey towards a healthier, happier you!"

- Hannah S.

Included in Your Training


3 weeks of unlimited in-studio classes


3 weeks of unlimited on-demand online yoga, barre, and meditation classes


50-hour digital manual


Master Lead Instructors with a vast knowledge of anatomy and curating a safe + inspiring class

Invest in yourself with this unique training


This one time payments allows you entry into a 50-hour barre teacher training
that will give you the time and space to truly value yourself and invest in your health and future.
*We cannot accomodate refunds after payment is made.

Our Barre Program Also Includes:

3 weeks of an Ohana membership, with unlimited access to our virtual library of +4000 hours of on-demand yoga, barre, and meditation content, PLUS in-studio classes
Access to private members-only events and workshops
Specialty modules taught by guest instructors
Access to our online community via Discord to build conscious connection

Throughout this life-changing experience, you will explore the dynamic teachings of Barre classes, take an illuminating dive into anatomy, complete interactive homework assignments, deepen your physical awareness, and find a community.


We have curated a one-of-a-kind experience that we believe will satisfy your expectations, and exceed them in surprising ways. It is our hope that the inspiration and community of this 50-Hour Barre Teacher Training provides the support you need both personally and professionally. Join us for a training experience unlike any other, both in-person and from the comfort of your own home.

All training materials are provided digitally.

Your one individual payment of $708 will secure your unique spot in this training.


After completing the 50-hour program and all requirements, you'll receive an 'Ohana Barre certificate.


Meet Your Resident Ohana Leaders

Alyssa Manny

Alyssa Manny

Founder, CEO, BA - Kinesiology (CU - Boulder), M-ARCH (CU - Denver), 200 E-RYT, Vedic Meditation Padawan
Alyssa founded Ohana Yoga + Barre just over 4 years ago. She has lead a vast amount of yoga teacher trainings since then and has found each experience to be even greater than the last. "To me, training students to become teachers is all about opening doors... doors of perception, doors of awareness and doors of intuition as there is no 'one way' to do anything. Commit to the process of embodying the intersection between logic, morality, intellect and heart. And do it in a supportive environment that doesn't require your perfection, but encourages your curiosity."

Annie Dee Yoga Teacher

Annie Dee Coyle

Annie has been an avid yoga practitioner and meditator for most of her life, from which she developed a deeply rooted passion for integrating a mindful approach into all movement endeavors. She began teaching yoga in 2016, and has helped facilitate several teacher trainings since. Her deep love for all things movement and dance led her to begin teaching Barre in 2020. She views Barre as not only a functional workout regimen, but knows it’s potential to be a potent embodiment practice through which one can tap into deepening layers of mind-body awareness and total vitality. Annie is Studio Manager of Ohana Yoga + Barre, and is currently undergoing a comprehensive equipment and mat Pilates training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites or prior barre experience needed?

While this training is completely accessible for anyone with active curiosity, those who have personal experiences with barre will have a stable foundation from which to learn. We encourage you to dive into any conscious content (blogs, social media accounts curated with intentionality, books, online barre classes, etc) before training begins to create an open heart and open mind. 

Do I have to finish all of the requirements by the time the training is over?

No, you do not. All in-person trainings do need to be attended, otherwise you can finish everything else at your own pace.

Just keep in mind that your motivation to complete the requirements will be highest right now with the support of your fellow trainees and regular sessions.

What does the schedule look like?

We'll meet for our in-person classroom sessions on Thursdays from 6 - 9:30pm + Saturdays from 9:00am - 4:30pm MST (1-hour break for lunch). 

What if I can't make a session?

Life happens. If you can't attend a session, please send an email or text to Alyssa or Annie as soon as possible, you'll be assigned makeup homework.

What are the practice teaching sessions about? Do I have to teach on a student?

As a part of graduating from this training, you are required to complete five hours of practice teaching. You will upload these videos to Google Classroom under the respective assignment. A recording on your smart phone is perfect. In an optimal world, you would choose to practice teach with a "student" (like a partner, friend, etc.) so that you can receive real-time feedback. Second choice would be to simply teach yourself (ie. you're teaching out loud and moving at the same time). You will learn more by having an actual student present.

Do I need to take a certain number of barre classes during this training?

Yes, we'll designate 10 on-demand classes you'll need to make space for within your own schedule. With another 10 classes of your choice to be practiced online or in person. 


How long do I have complimentary access to the 'Ohana Yoga + Barre studio and 'Ohana Online?

You will have complimentary access to in-person + on-demands classes at the studio during the  training throughout the month of January. 

It is important that you prioritize your physical practice during this training if you don't plan on continuing to be an ALL-ACCESS member of the studio thereafter so that you can complete those specific requirements.

Are there more classes than the 2 weekly sessions?

Yes. Along with the 2 weekly classroom sessions, we'll have weekly homework for you to engage with according to your own unique schedule.

Do I have to do the homework on time?

As we open each week on Google Classroom, you will see a list of assignments that generally correspond with the week's content. When you turn your homework in is completely up to you. That being said, we recommend keeping up with the homework to the best of your ability. A) Because there's a lot of it. B) Because it's easier to do the homework in tandem with the week's lectures as the content is relevant.

How long do I have access to Google Classroom?

We do not close the Google Classroom after your training, so you can access it whenever you'd like.


Are there any 1:1 mentoring opportunities or private time to connect with teachers?

Yes! Your Ohana leaders are available by email to schedule individual time to connect to help support the journey and your barre training experience.

What will I need for each class?

You'll receive a digital manual after enrollment.

You'll definitely want a trustworthy device and a great internet connection for access to our Google Classroom.

For class practice, we suggest a yoga mat, 2 blocks, a set of weights, and a strap. 

Is the payment refundable?

We will not issue any refunds due to the inherent value of education contained within this course, no exceptions. However, you may join our next 50-hour Barre Training for free to complete the sessions in real-time in order to complete your certification.