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Conscious Living: Divine Masculine

Conscious Living: Divine Masculine – Part 1

Every single human being has both feminine and masculine energies within them. If we identify as a womxn, we may feel distanced from masculine qualities, and vice versa. But it’s important to cultivate our own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in order to experience the balance between the two. The Divine Masculine is all about action,…
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Rise of the Divine Feminine

Conscious Living: Divine Feminine – Rise of the Feminine (Part 4)

The phrase “rise of the Divine Feminine” has been building momentum in our modern culture, but what does that mean? It refers to the fact that our world has been a masculine-powered one for very long but also that this status is changing. The Divine Feminine is rising, or reawakening. We are starting to see…
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The divine feminine - Lunar energy

Conscious Living: Divine Feminine – The Lunar (Part 3)

Another way that we often see the Divine Feminine represented is through different dualities that exist in our universe, for example, the sun and moon. The moon represents the Divine Feminine—radiant, mysterious, sensual, cyclical, and reminiscent of sleep/rest. The sun represents the masculine (illuminating, intense, and correlated with activity). Lunar practices are intended to bring us into…
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Conscious Living: Divine Feminine – Shakti (Part 2)

Every single one of us came to this life through a woman. Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of the Divine Feminine is creation— this life-giving quality that we can also call Shakti. According to the yogic teachings, out of Shiva (pure silence), Shakti emerged as creation. Shakti is the primordial energy of life. It is…
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The Divine Feminine

Conscious Living: The Divine Feminine (Part 1)

Understanding the feminine is a lifelong study — but our starting point is right here. All of us — no matter how we identify — have feminine energies within us. The fundamental role of the feminine is to give life and the Divine Feminine refers to the scope of qualities that represent and describe the…
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Find Abundance

Conscious Living: Abundance Part 4–Find Abundance

If we want to enjoy abundance on the physical plane, then we must move out of scarcity and into the frequency of abundance. We do that by practicing gratitude. In gratitude, we say that what we have is enough (and this is a harder step than we realize). In abundance, we kindly ask for more.…
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