Solar Plexus

Chakras 101: Caring For Your Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Everything is energy. All around us, there is an invisible sea of life-force energy connecting all facets of the universe – it is the energy present within every particle, atom, and molecule that binds our reality together and keeps us alive. As human beings, we are major conduits of this energy. In fact, running from…
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Tips For Better Sleep

How To Get Better Sleep: Tips and Rituals for Improving Your Sleep Quality

When we think of the word “wellness,” our minds usually go straight to diet and exercise; how can I eat and exercise in a way that best supports my well-being? While these are two important tenets of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, it is actually the way we sleep that is the single most important…
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How to be in the moment

How To Be In The Moment

In a world full of constant distractions, finding an authentic connection with the beauty and simplicity of the present moment has become a challenging thing to do. Rather, we have found ourselves in the midst of an epidemic of stress and anxiety. With the fast-paced nature of our lives, we can become so absorbed in…
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How To Use Crystals: The Basics

If you’ve ever been in our boutique or perused our online store, there’s a chance you’ve been stunned by rows of sparkly things… Yes, crystals. The radiant gems have become so commonplace, that they’re no longer reserved for old, hidden metaphysical shops. Crystals can be found everywhere these days and used by anyone — from…
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Less Stress with Meditation

Less Stress, More Meditation – How Doing Less Can Inspire More

This last year has been quite a year – a year of reckoning, a year of novelty, and a year of unrelenting change. But above all, it has been a year of uncertainty – particularly for those operating in the business world, this year has seemed like one continuous fire drill of constant pivots and…
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7 Tips to Survive The Chaos In 2021

We’re all feeling it. The pure overwhelm. The low key shock when we digest the longterm agenda of this pandemic and how it blankets our personal, social, and professional lives. If you’re like me, you glamorized it at the beginning, like the quaintness of a snow day. We needed the slowdown then, but the relief…
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