Online Class

Heart + Backbends Yoga Flow with Devon

This yoga flow inspires overall mobility, with an emphasis on heart-openers and rotation. While you experience your spine moving in different directions, we’ll work on moving with more nourishment of the low back. We’ll find creative shapes with less strain on your unique alignment. As a reminder, the yoga practice is not just about succeeding…
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How To Do Yoga At Home

While our favorite way to yoga with you is in-person, in the atmosphere of our lovely studio, we also recognize the power of a regular home practice. Now your home practice is right at your fingertips with our launch of Ohana Online. For starters, rolling out your mat in the comfort of your own home…
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Gr8 Glutes: 8-Minute Seat Work Class with Ceci

We’re feeling really jazzed about having this killer seat work video on hand. In this video, Ceci targets all regions of your glutes. And in a typical Ceci-fashion, you’ll be feeling the burn in no time. We recommend putting on your favorite playlist and jumping right in. There are a couple of moments throughout this…
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