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Elevate Your Home Yoga Practice with the Right Music

In the realm of wellness practices like barre, yoga, and restorative classes, the role of music extends beyond mere auditory pleasure. It has the power to elevate the entire experience, enhancing focus, relaxation, and connection. Selecting the right music is an art that enhances the flow of the session, aligning movements with rhythms that resonate…
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Barre FLOW with Ohana Yoga + Barre

Barre FLOW

Come check out the latest and greatest love affair: Barre FLOW… a combination of Barre beats, dance choreography, cardio intervals + sculpt weight training fully integrated with a dynamic yoga flow. Enjoy the benefits of a butt-kicking Barre class with the flow state of vinyasa yoga in order to strengthen AND lengthen simultaneously. sweat burn…
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Yoga FLOW Free Class

Finding Expansion Through Connection

Everything that you see has consciousness, just at a different level–The grass you walk on, the air you breathe, the mat you practice on, you. We are all a part of the consciousness of this world, invited to learn something new and explore the mystery of it all. In this 60-minute Yoga FLOW class with…
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Barre FiiT

Get Barre FiiT

You’ve heard of a HiiT class (High-Intensity Interval Training) but have you heard of a Fiit class (Flexibility. Intensity. Interval. Training)? Take your FiiTness to the next level with Ohana’s Barre FiiT class. This Barre class utilizes our smart alignment foundation and is designed to fatigue muscles through heart rate spikes (read: cardio, cardio, cardio)…
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Align + FLOW

60-Minute Align + FLOW

From needing to feel grounded to needing a few extra cues to help you get the hang of these poses, Align + FLOW was made for all levels of practitioners. Newbies and veterans of this practice will love the slower-paced nature of this class that will better allow you to tune in. All architecture requires…
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Moon Salutations Full Moon Flow

Moon Salutations: Full Moon Yoga FLOW

The moon is a representation of so much more than just astronomy. It is the representation of the softer energy associated with the divine feminine. The moon, in all its cycles, reminds us that transformation is constant. In this yoga FLOW class, you’ll experience cycles with a play on sun salutations, moon salutations. Tonight, as…
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