Moon Salutations: Full Moon Yoga FLOW

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The moon is a representation of so much more than just astronomy. It is the representation of the softer energy associated with the divine feminine. The moon, in all its cycles, reminds us that transformation is constant. In this yoga FLOW class, you’ll experience cycles with a play on sun salutations, moon salutations.

Tonight, as the moon shines fully, we share with you Alina Holkenson‘s Moon Salutation class. In this 60-minute yoga FLOW class, you’ll find grounding creativity. This class of repetitive poses will take you around your yoga mat in a new way, bringing forth new ways of thinking while having fun in your body.

Peaking with Half-moon, it all comes back to connecting with the lunar energy that’s in all of us–male, female, non-binary. We all hold lunar and solar energies (masculine and feminine) and it’s our job to find the balance between the two.

You’ll need your mat, two blocks, a calm space, and your computer. If you’d like to add to the experience try lighting a few candles. Practicing near a window where you can see the rising moon is a great option too!

Find grounding, slow down, and offer up something new whether that be a new way of thinking, courage to try a new pose, or an open mind.

Enjoy this Moon Salutations class.

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