Yoga Practice

In-Person Yoga + Barre Classes

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga + Barre In-Person

We already know that yoga and barre are good for us. And that we should probably be practicing more frequently, but are there any benefits to in-person yoga + barre as opposed to virtual classes? The answer is a resounding YES! Find Community The power of moving and breathing together, in community, is something that…
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Yoga FLOW Free Class

Finding Expansion Through Connection

Everything that you see has consciousness, just at a different level–The grass you walk on, the air you breathe, the mat you practice on, you. We are all a part of the consciousness of this world, invited to learn something new and explore the mystery of it all. In this 60-minute Yoga FLOW class with…
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Muscle Fatigue

Why Your Muscles Shake After Working Out

If you aren’t seeing results from your workouts maybe it’s time to shake things up–literally! When you work your muscles in a new way, they react in a new way and barre or yoga are great ways to experience the physique-changing muscle shakes that build endurance. By holding a contraction longer than you’re used to,…
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8 Types of Yoga

8 Types of Yoga and their benefits

Yoga, meaning union, is a tool used to allow us to connect to the divine, however, we may define that. One of the many benefits of this practice is that yoga comes in so many shapes and sizes, there is a practice for everyone. Here we layout 8 types of yoga so that you might…
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Postpartum Restorative Yoga

The Transcendental Power of Restorative Yoga

It’s no secret that we live in a society obsessed with productivity. In today’s world, it is all-too-common to equate how busy we are with how worthy we feel. To feel productive, we are constantly pushing ourselves to keep doing – pushing our bodies to perform or look a certain way, pushing our brains to…
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Valentine's Date Night Yoga

How To Have The Perfect Yoga Date Night

Yoga is an intimate practice. As we step onto the nurturing corners of our yoga mat, our practice asks us to get into our body and breath. It asks us to take our focus off of busy daily life, and place our attention on the simplicity of the present moment. So what could be better…
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