How to balance working out with kids

Balancing Kids & Your Health

You’ve heard the expression, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” but have you ever stopped to consider what that really means? It’s a repeated phrase that means we can not give to others if we are not taking care of ourselves. Self-care has become a buzz word lately adding one more thing to our…
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Pelvic Floor

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor During Pregnancy

Your pelvic floor is made up of layers of muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue that stretch from your pubic bone to your tailbone. It supports the organs in your pelvis, including your bladder, uterus, and bowel, and as you might imagine, takes a beating during pregnancy and delivery.   What is your pelvic floor? The pelvic…
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diastasis recti

Diastasis Recti: The Postpartum Body Problem No One Talks About

If your tummy still looks pregnant months after delivery, a postpartum abdominal condition called diastasis recti might be to blame. Approximately two-thirds of pregnant women get diastasis recti after childbirth, yet it is not widely talked about. If you are bothered by a lingering “pooch” after birth, you may want to talk to your doctor…
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Childbirth Recovery Yoga

Postpartum Recovery Process

Once your bundle of joy is born, the hardest part of your pregnancy may be over, but your postnatal journey is just beginning. Your body is changing, yet again, and it’s important to greet this time with patience and continued grace for yourself. Childbirth recovery takes time and rushing that timeline will likely lead to…
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What to expect during pregnancy

What to expect during pregnancy: A Prenatal Journey

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can also be tinged with worry and anxiety over the new life you are creating. It’s easy to second guess your choices and wonder if you are making the right decisions around movement and exercise, among other things, as you navigate life with a baby on board. Whether…
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More Than A Mother

You Are More Than Just A Mother

The journey of motherhood is a wild and complex ride filled with all the emotions, sometimes bubbling up all at the same time. It’s easy to slide into an unrealistic expectation of perfection. What’s more challenging, and more real, is to understand that you DO NOT NEED TO DO IT ALL, all the time. Enjoy…
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