Palo Santo

What Is Palo Santo?

If you’ve taken classes in the Ohana studio, you’ve probably noticed the smoky, sweet fragrance of freshly burned palo santo. Palo santo – or “holy wood” – is known to have special healing properties that can instantly cleanse your space and uplift your spirit. Palo santo is invigorating yet calming, able to shift your energy…
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Homebody Gift Guide

We all have a little bit of homebody in us — those days when cozying up on the couch, or in our favorite nook of the house, is the only thing we want to do. But some of us love it more than others. We all have those homebody loved ones in our lives, and what…
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Give Peace of Mind: Holiday Gift Guide

With the kind of year that 2020 has been, there is no gift better than a little peace of mind. While we believe that peace of mind is ultimately an inside job, there are some products and things that can support that journey. This peace of mind gift guide includes some of our favorite products…
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