Homebody Gift Guide

We all have a little bit of homebody in us — those days when cozying up on the couch, or in our favorite nook of the house, is the only thing we want to do.

But some of us love it more than others. We all have those homebody loved ones in our lives, and what could make a homebody happier than gifts to refine and uplevel their home?

This homebody gift guide features all of our favorite home items this year. We’ve pulled together a collection of gifts that will add comfort and good energy to any home space. Usually, any room is just one crystal away from higher vibes.

Our Homebody Gift Guide is for those who take their me-time seriously. It’s for the design-lovers and good-vibes-only enthusiasts. And more than anything, this guide is for your loved ones who adore spending a quiet Friday night fireside, in the company of their favorite book.

Homebody Gift Guide

Agate Slice

For those who are serious about elevating the vibe of their home space, this freeform agate slice is a grounding gem that carries all the balance and centeredness a homebody could dream of.

Agate is the perfect crystal for someone who loves to slow down, and feel grounded. Just looking at the earthy hues of this rock reminds us of bare feet in the soil. Agate is naturally stress-relieving and has a ton of healing properties.

This Agate slice goes beautifully on a mantel or a bookshelf and is a statement piece in itself. For those who admire form and function — this gift is a gem, literally.

Price: $265 — Click to shop!

Rose Quartz Lamp

We think it’s a natural law that all homebodies appreciate lighting. Anything that will give a room a calming, golden glow will win over their hearts.

This Rose Quartz Lamp gives any room a warm glow, while providing the classic benefits of rose quartz. Rose quartz inspires unconditional love, kindness, acceptence, and consciousness. It’s the gem of the heart space, and even more gorgeous when illuminated.

This gift is for those who appreciate natural beauty in their home. Perfect for someone who has a designated meditation space, reading room, or yoga room, the Rose Quartz Lamp is a luxurious elevated touch for anyone who has an appreciation for sacred space.

Price: $80-$105 — Click to shop!

Cotton Yoga Blanket

There’s no such thing as a laid back Sunday afternoon without a lushious blanket to snuggle up to. For that love in your life that appreciates the finer art of the cozy blanket, look no further than the Cotton Yoga Blanket by Halfmoon.

This hand-loomed cotton yoga blanket is as versatile as it is high quality. While accenting your home space and keeping you warm, this blanket doubles as prop support for a yoga practice. If you ever wanted to take your restorative yoga practice to the next level, it starts with a yoga blanket.

For those who lounge in style and nap like a pro, there is no better gift than the Cotton Yoga Blanket.

Price: $48 Click to shop!

Brass Arc Crystal + Mineral Stand

For the special ones in your life who are fluent in the language of crystals. You know who they are — crystals on every ledge of their house, a crystal for every healing need, more crystals than they know what to do with…

A crystal stand simply takes a crystal collection to the next level. Those who love crystals tend to love decorating their houses with these intentional little rocks, so they will love the aesthetics of this brass stand.

This sleek caliper stand will dress up any shelf or mantel. If you really want to go all out on this gift, pick a crystal to gift with it!

Price: $20-$28 — Click to shop!

Ceramic Triangle Dish

For the homebody who appreciates minimalistic, abstract design. These little ceramic triangle dishes are a perfect affordable option for that person in your life whose home space is clean, stylish, and a little bit artsy.

These dishes are made from porcelain clay, and are intended to be purification dishes. Translation: This is where you set your burning palo santo or sage bundles while they’re filling up your home with cleansing smoke. Each piece is hand-dipped and one-of-a-kind.

You can add a palo santo stick to this gift to really give your home-lover something to get excited about.

Price: $32 — Click to shop!

Crystal Geode Hand Soap Bar

Looks like a crystal, functions as a luxurious smell-good hand soap. This is a gift that excites. Just think, who is the person in your life that would be excited by super funky hand soap?

We all know that someone. These soaps are hand-sculpted for a boho-artisan touch. They are package free and last for a crazy long time. Made from non-drying natural ingredients of Aloe, Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and Almond Oil — they’re safe for the whole family.

This gift is another affordable option that will excite the ones in your life who thrive in a stylish and unique homespace. Who knew soap could get so creative?

Price: $15 — Click to shop!

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook

A gift for that someone who’s always looking for a new passion to dive into in the quaintness of their home space. Something to spend hours learning on a solitary evening.

The Wild Unknown Tarot is an artful oracle deck that invites deep contemplation and the cultivation of intuition. These 78 cards hold within them volumes of wisdom, which can be interpreted with the help of an illustrated guidebook. Tarot is an ancient practice but can be put to use right away, making this an incredibly fun gift for curious learners.

When you gift a tarot deck, you may be gifting what could blossom into a lifelong love. Pulling tarot cards is an intimate and powerful activity, best enjoyed in a sacred space at home. Who do you know who would love such a passtime?

Price: $40 — Click to shop!

Home for the Holidays

There’s something sweet about staying inside and enjoying the home space we have created for ourselves. This holiday season, we all might be feeling like we got an extra dose of “home” this year. What better time to spice up your abode with some new flare from this homebody gift guide?

When we gift for someone’s home space, we bring a special memory and thought into someone’s life. For the homebody in our life, the little things at home mean everything in the heart.

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