Give Peace of Mind: Holiday Gift Guide

With the kind of year that 2020 has been, there is no gift better than a little peace of mind.

While we believe that peace of mind is ultimately an inside job, there are some products and things that can support that journey. This peace of mind gift guide includes some of our favorite products that make peace a little more accessible.

These gifts are amazing for the yogi and meditators in your life — who appreciate the products that enhance their slow lifestyle. It’s also perfect for those who have a tough time finding peace of mind but could certainly use it.

This peace of mind gift guide features everything from crystals to apparel. We’ll give you the details on how each of these gifts finds and inspires peace and wellbeing.

Let’s make this holiday season about more than consumerism and gift giving because we “have to.” How can we use gifting to make a difference in someone’s world? How can we give gifts to help each other heal and bounce back from this crazy year?

Give Peace of Mind Gift Guide

Golden Healer Quartz

Golden Healer Quartz is for the crystal lover who will swoon over a fancy, high-quality gem. This Quartz inspires the strength and willpower that helps us cultivate a calm state of mind. This crystal offers guidance when a new perspective is needed. It calls on us to be the healer — your metaphysical loved ones will be all about that.

Are crystals new to you? Or maybe you’re thinking of gifting someone their very first crystal? This is still a great option – albeit powerful. You can think of crystals like people, with very specific personalities. When you spend time around a person, they rub off on you through energy and conversation.

It’s the same with crystals. Every crystal carries a specific frequency that influences your own frequency. Crystal frequencies balance out with yours to shift your state into something more positive.

Price: $82-$155 — Click to shop!

How to Not Always Be Working by Marlee Grace

For the one who can’t find peace of mind because they’re buried in their screens — How to Not Always Be Working by Marlee Grace, is a fantastic nudge.

This book explores what we’re all dying to know: how to build healthy boundaries between your work, your job, and your life. This book is full of wisdom and resilience. It’s steeped with advice about rituals and routines to help create effective and positive change in your life.

We all have that person in our lives who loves to work. But perhaps they’re ready to slow down and live a life without stress and so much busyness. You might be just the person to inspire a bit of peace of mind, starting with this book.

Price: $18 — Click to shop!

Ohana Evolve Tye Die Hoodie

For the one who likes to wear their peaceful vibes on their sleeve — our Ohana custom branded tye dye hoodie is a gift as comfy as it is unique.

The Ohana collection is inspired by our message: Evolve Together. Change is the only constant we have, so we figure, we might as well get good at it! We get good at change when we do it together. As human beings, we are meant to evolve together. To “walk each other home.”

This uber comfortable hoodie is an amazing gift for that loved one who rocks the laid back vibes. Or maybe it’s for the one who could stand to kick back and cozy up. Tye die and peace of mind go hand-in-hand!

Price: $68 — Click to shop!

Inquire Within Deck

Lucky for humanity, divination/oracle decks of all kinds are getting more popular. What we love about the Inquire Within deck is its accesibility. It’s not overwhelming or cryptic like tarot — it’s straight forward, and has insight for everyone.

For the one in your life who wants to master their intuition, who feels a little lost, and who needs a little extra support learning how to trust themselves… The Inquire Deck is truly a beautiful gift.

When you gift someone an oracle deck, you’re giving them more than a tangible present. You’re gifting them a new ritual, a way to get in touch with themsleves, something to do on a snowy day, steaming cup of tea in hand… Sounds pretty peaceful to us.

Price: $48 — Shop it here!

Moon Phase Etched Palo Santo Stick

Palo Santo is the ideal gift to give someone who might be ready for just a little taste of life on the witchy side. These etched palo santo sticks are an affordable way for you to inspire your loved one with a little peace and calm.

Palo Santo, also known as holy wood, releases a sweet and earthy aroma when it is burned. Its smoke is used for an instant energetic uplift, and to cleanse the enviornment (like your house) of negative energy and emotion.

These sticks are etched with the phases of the moon to enrich full and new moon rituals. We’ve never met a human who’s not thrilled to receive palo santo — so call this your fool safe option.

Price: $6 each — Click to shop!

Shungite Harmonizer Rods

Say what? Here is your ideal gift for someone who’s super into all things metaphysical. This is the gift for your hardcore yogis, meditators, and crystal lovers.

Shungite Harmonizer Rods provide balance and recharge energy the energy body to raise your vitality levels. One cylinder is Shungite, the other is Soapstone. The Shungite harmonizer represents the yin energy (think, calm) and shoud be held in the left hand, and the Soapstone harmonizer represents the yang energy (think, active) and should be held in the right. Together the holder is able to find balance.

Who do you know that gets really jazzed about balancing energy? Who’s always in the know about the hippest natural healing modality? Look no further, this gift is for them.

Price: $75 — Click to shop!

Peace of Mind is Invaluable

Sometimes, we need a little support on the physical plane to help us find our peace of mind. Whether that’s bringing in the support of a crystal, or reading something inspirational — we aren’t meant to live this life on our own.

This year has brought real challenges that we are all facing in unique ways. The more we can support each other as we navigate all of the uncertainty in the air this holiday, the more we can arrive at what holidays are actually about: love, celebration, gratitude, connection.

Check out our Ohana Evolve online boutique for more gift ideas!