60-Minute Align + FLOW

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From needing to feel grounded to needing a few extra cues to help you get the hang of these poses, Align + FLOW was made for all levels of practitioners. Newbies and veterans of this practice will love the slower-paced nature of this class that will better allow you to tune in.

All architecture requires a solid foundation. Perfect for new vinyasa practitioners or seasoned students alike, Ohana Align + FLOW is a foundation-building class focused on soulful breath (pranayama) and structured alignment in order to elevate vibrations.

Join instructor Devon Barrow as she takes you through this 60-minute class with a focus on the heart and intentional grounding in your day. Aside from your yoga mat, you’ll want two blocks to support you in some of these poses. The backbends and heart-opening poses will lead you to the peak posture of camel pose. (Modifications are provided if this pose is too deep for you or if you have low back sensitivity).

Get grounded, open your heart, and experience the education that comes with an Align + FLOW class.