Finding Expansion Through Connection

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Everything that you see has consciousness, just at a different level–The grass you walk on, the air you breathe, the mat you practice on, you. We are all a part of the consciousness of this world, invited to learn something new and explore the mystery of it all.

In this 60-minute Yoga FLOW class with Alyssa, you’ll start to experience expansion in a new way. Breathing into the smallest areas of your body, configuring into poses that don’t seem possible, and being in a space that reminds you that everything is connected and that you are so much more than the world, or even you, think you are!

Grab your mat and a couple of blocks and explore new ideas, breathe into your body, and discover a deep mystery you didn’t know was awaiting you in this Yoga FLOW class brought to you by Ohana Yoga + Barre.

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