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You’ve heard of a HiiT class (High-Intensity Interval Training) but have you heard of a Fiit class (Flexibility. Intensity. Interval. Training)? Take your FiiTness to the next level with Ohana’s Barre FiiT class.

This Barre class utilizes our smart alignment foundation and is designed to fatigue muscles through heart rate spikes (read: cardio, cardio, cardio) and active recoveries (slow and mindful) in order to maximize caloric burn, melt away fat, and boost your metabolism. Come work your body in ways you never thought were possible. Enjoy both strength and suppleness in 50 short minutes.

Experience the magic of the Barre FiiT class with the Free class from Ohana. You’ll break a sweat, build muscle, and feel great all day long, knowing that you’re caring for your body. It’s time for a little YOU-time. Go burn some energy.

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