20-minute (or less) mindfulness practices for even the busiest schedules

Feed the kids, feed the dog, take out the trash, remind yourself to send those documents to that client, pick up the house, when was the last time you changed the sheets? When was the last time you took a shower? Pick up the kids, make dinner, spend time as a family, get everyone ready for bed, organize your notes for tomorrow, spend some time with your partner.

When you’re caring for your family and taking care of business it can feel like there are no minutes (let alone hours) left for you in the day. We’re busy and the list of things to do isn’t going to get any shorter. But as we’ve learned from the flight attendants on our travels, we have to put our breathing mask on before helping anyone else. So, if you aren’t taking care of yourself (healthy meals, meditation, and movement) you’re setting yourself up for some harder days ahead. (No pressure).

Here’s the thing, “me time” doesn’t have to be a week long spa vacation (although we totally support that decision!). It can be as simple as 5-minutes of breathwork at your desk before a meeting. It could be a guided meditation in the car as you wait for your kids at after school pick up. It could even be one of these 20-minute yoga or barre classes to get you moving during your lunch break.

Connecting to your breath, clearing your mind, and moving your body will do wonders for everything else you have going on in your life. These tools of mindfulness and self-care can create a new spark of energy, increase your creative outputs, or simply allow a space for you to listen to your gut in answering those questions that have been keeping you up at night.

To help you find a little you-time in the middle of your day try any one of these quick mindfulness videos. A little self-care goes a long way.

Katie Leigh Jackson Denver Artist and Illustrator

Katie Jackson is an Ohana YTT Graduate and Artist in the Denver Area. She creates artwork and wallpaper that showcases the magic in the ordinary and helps others live a simpler more peaceful life. Get tips + resources to create a calmer life and home with her free slow living library