What the Ice Bath Has To Teach Us

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste of time to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

 – Joseph Campbell

There have been several key moments in my life where I have lost myself. Whether operating with a lack of integrity, pleasing others by yearning for validation, numbing through addiction, or repressing all emotion + feeling, these key moments now serve as teaching moments, reminding me of my true nature.

Most people experience a loss of Self (capital “S” Self) at some point. And, as it turns out, the Universe does the same ✨

From the teachings of the Veda (the body of knowledge preserved by oral tradition), there is only one thing… one great, unbounded, undifferentiated oneness. All of us (and all things) are simply individual manifestations, or waves, of one vast ocean.And it turns out, this oneness also experiences forgetfulness. Through the forgetfulness of the vast ocean, the whole of the relative world was born: currents, waves, whales, plankton. And from the forgetfulness of infinite oneness, all of life is continuing to expand.

Why did the Universe explode into multiplicity? In order to find itself yet again. There is incredible joy in the Self finding Self, again and again and again. And do you know what this is called?


We may experience love through the eyes of others, and also through deep connections within. It’s all the same. It’s all self referential. It’s all love.

The reality of our human nature is to forget: forget that we are an integrated part of the unbounded whole. We have the opportunity to make mistakes, to be messy, to disappoint others, and to grow. In our evolution of growth it is there where we find ourSelves once again. We become reunited with our wisdom, we become whole.

The beauty of our movement practices, breathwork, meditation and community is to provide anchor points in a stimulated life that allows spiritual practice to unfold. Through these devotional practices, there is no need to ask the question, as we already realize that we are the answer.

We’ve officially launching our Ice + GLOW offering. Through the frigid, sacred waters and infrared therapy, we are creating new self referential practices to uncover, witness, expand and flow. It’s really all love.

All-Access members are lovingly invited into the #truthtub with 2-complimentary sessions per month.

We’re all learning, we’re all forgetting, and we’re all rediscovering our Selves and our true nature. Join us.

With love,
Alyssa Manny
Owner of ‘Ohana Yoga + Barre