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Ohana Gift Sets Based on Tarot's Major Arcana

Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season can feel daunting. There’s pressure to get the right gifts for your loved ones, to keep sustainability in mind, and to do all this shopping on top of everything else you have on your to-do list. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not with The Ohana Gift…
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Vata Season

How to Find Balance in Vata Season

We can feel something changing around us. Aside from the colors of the trees transforming into something new, there is a change of energy all around. We feel it in the unsettled mind, in the temperature outside, even in the sunlight that’s slowly changing to more darkness. Cold, dry, light, clear, and moving–The words we…
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Finding the Divine Masculine in Stillness

Conscious Living: Divine Masculine – Part 4 Stillness

Before the universe, there was stillness. In the yogic teachings, stillness is represented by Shiva. Creation is represented by Shakti. Shiva holds the space of motionless stillness, and out of that space, Shakti emerges. We see this play out every day of our lives. For example: Where do ideas come from? Creative ideas (Shakti) come…
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Divine Masculine - Balance

Conscious Living: Divine Masculine – Part 3 Balance

In this polarized world, there can be a lot of criticism of both feminism and toxic masculinity. But our well-being really requires a healthy balance of both feminine and masculine energies to thrive, regardless of how you identify. All things in life require both — just look at the birth of a new being. Or…
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Toxic Masculinity

Conscious Living: Divine Masculine – Part 2 Toxic Masculinity

The phrase toxic masculinity has gained increasing popularity in our modern times. But it’s also a very loaded term, which is why it’s important to really understand it if we are to use it. Toxic masculinity is a complex phrase and refers to ideas of “manliness” as a function of domination, homophobia, and aggression. It is the…
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Conscious Living: Divine Masculine

Conscious Living: Divine Masculine – Part 1

Every single human being has both feminine and masculine energies within them. If we identify as a womxn, we may feel distanced from masculine qualities, and vice versa. But it’s important to cultivate our own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in order to experience the balance between the two. The Divine Masculine is all about action,…
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