Align+Flow Into Acceptance

In this deep hip opening class, you’ll flow through your postures with intention and a present mind. Devon Barrow will take you on a journey through your body helping you find proper alignment in this sequence so that you can feel the deep release of your muscles and all the emotions, thoughts, and desires you have bundled up inside.

As you sit in long holds looking for an alignment that feels right for your body, embrace the notion of acceptance. Not just acceptance of this posture, and the discomfort you might be feeling, but also of all the thoughts and feelings that might arise as you hold. Through your practice, you’ll shine a light on the areas of your life that you’re resisting and the areas that might need more attention.

This 60-minute align + flow will bring you back to your body and give you the space to tune in and see what’s really going on in there. If any emotions do arise (especially if tears come), know that that is a normal experience in an align and flow class especially as we do deep work in the hip region.

Grab your mat, a block, and your water, and get ready to flow into alignment with your body. However, that might look for you.

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