Mind Like a Goldfish

Ted Lasso might just be the next great philosopher of our time. When he explains to Sam, one of his players on a British football team that the happiest animal in the world is a goldfish, it’s not because they’re beautiful, that they’re provided for, or that they have no daily responsibilities. It’s because they have a 10-second memory.

With a memory that short, there is no time for regret, to hold grudges, or to worry about the future. This is an animal that is fully in the present living each moment to the fullest and therefore finding its joy.

In this 60-minute Yoga Flow with Carrie, we take the same philosophy to our practice. Allowing ourselves to stumble, fall, succeed, and breathe into the moment while forgetting the last moment. This creates happiness and space to let go of our need to be perfect and instead to just be.

Enjoy this free flow from Ohana Online and grab your 14-day free trial to explore more classes and styles and to practice your goldfish way of thinking.