Manifest Positive Energy Through Your Flow

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Resolutions don’t work for us all–some might say they don’t really work at all. The New Year is a place of transition. It provides us with an energetic clean slate as we look on to another cycle of the sun. For some, this same clean slate might be your birthday or another date on the calendar that feels like a cleansing of your energy. But what if instead of putting lofty goals onto our plates we open up to manifesting positive energy. To hold loosely to what will happen and be open to the idea that whatever happens is happening for us (not to us).

In this 60-minute Yoga FLOW class with Ohana teacher Carrie Carrol, you’ll be taken through a rejuvenating flow that will open you up to do the idea of putting out good energy and reeling in something positive too. It’s not to say that bad things won’t happen and that your life will be filled with rainbows and butterflies. But maybe, if we focus on the positive, we put our good into the world, we’ll better be able to see when good things return to us.

What You’ll Need:

LENGTH: 1 hr
TEACHER: Carrie Carroll
WHAT YOU WILL NEED: (2) Yoga blocks
THEME: Manifest to rejuvenate
PEAK POSTURE: Half moon pose, Candlestick pose
LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
INTENSITY (High, Mid or Low): Mid
STYLE: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Cyclists, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Flexibility, Breath Work, Balance, Inversions

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