Alchemy of Fire: Building your Internal Fire to Burn What Doesn’t Serve

Fire is the element of change. It keeps us warm, it sheds light on what needs to be seen, and when necessary it is a tool to burn it all to the ground. Just like a forest fire (or even a control burn) fire can be used to burn out what is dangerous or non-life-giving to make room for abundance, new life, and growth.

Within our yoga practice we use tools like breathwork to prepare and guide us on the journey to change. If there is one thing we know it’s that nothing stays the same, for better or worse, change will occur. And when we think of this in terms of social justice, the idea of burning down thoughts, ideas, and actions that are hurting others can be one of the biggest ways to cleanse our body. It’s the first step in preparing us for the road to ensuring we’re all free.

In this guided Kria breathwork, Alyssa Manny will walk you through the steps to build up an internal fire that will help you to burn things down from the inside out. This tool can be used to remove limiting beliefs, systematic ideology that was has become ingrained in us, or simply as a way to gain mental clarity. It’s minutes of intense fire building and we suggest that pregnant students avoid this breathwork practice. For the rest of you, get ready to feel some heat!