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Meditation 101: Meditation Styles

Meditation 101

The Need for Meditation We are living in the busiest time that humanity has ever known. Distractions are ...
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Our Mindfulness Journey Starts Here

It’s funny how once a word becomes a buzzword, its definition can start to muddle. Mindfulness is absolutely ...
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Are YOU The Most Mindful?

Within the last year, we’ve had two fitness challenges. Everyone was tasked with one challenge: complete 20 classes ...
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Yoga For Kids: 7 Benefits To Get Excited About

We consider ourselves lucky to have children as a part of our expanding Ohana family. If you’re around ...
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Denver

Step Into The Flow: Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

There are a million different Yoga Teacher Training experiences and stories. Some people get into training to deepen ...
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Origins of Ohana

It all began with a warm pot of chicken stock and some freshly toasted arborio rice. Laboring over ...
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42 Seconds to Freedom

My 50th skydive over the deep blue of Oahu. 42 seconds to IMPACT... 41... 40... 39... That's the ...
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