Yoga For Kids: 7 Benefits To Get Excited About

We consider ourselves lucky to have children as a part of our expanding Ohana family. If you’re around our studio during the day, or sometimes after work, you’ll notice a lightness in the atmosphere. Much of this has to do with the kids buzzing around our Little Lychees Playroom. We love it: having little ones in-studio is a simple reminder of the importance of play and FUN.

Because kids are a major part of our “Ohana,” we are so excited to grow our newest yoga programs for kids. This summer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your little ones involved in a little yoga. Before we get into the details of our programs, did you know that yoga for children has a ton of benefits? Turns out the practice that you love so much can have just as much significance in your child’s life.

Photo by Sara Ford

There are many benefits of kids’ yoga. These are our favorites:

Creates early body awareness. In a yoga class, a child will develop a fun and healthy relationship to their body. They can start understanding what makes them feel strong and capable. The actual practice will inspire balance and coordination, which is never too early to cultivate! Simply body awareness can be incredible for building confidence and esteem.

Establishes the therapeutic power of breath. Same as adults, kids benefit immensely from pausing and taking a deep breath. Children see quickly that simple breathing calms their body and quiets their mind. This is a tool that they will surely take off the mat. Breath-work has an overall positive effect on emotions and mentality, introducing a sense of tranquility that is always with them.

Inspires positive behavior changes. By learning techniques like breath and movement, yoga shows kids that they can respond to unfavorable circumstances in ways other than crying or tantrums. Yoga will teach them mechanisms to respond calmly versus react out of emotion. A recent study by Harvard also suggests that yoga can help children with ADHD, with the potential to even improve school performance.

Introduces the strong ability to concentrate. Children and distraction go hand-in-hand. The combination of breath, movement, and mindfulness in yoga teaches kids how to pay attention to something for extended amounts of time. Yoga classes will increase their endurance to focus and decrease their likelihood to get distracted easily.

Encourages self-acceptance. Yoga is a non-competitive activity. The reality is that kids get plenty of healthy competition in their schools and through extracurriculars. Yoga can be their opportunity to engage in an activity for themselves, and for the pure joy of it. Doing something for joy is not to be underestimated, considering many adults don’t know how to do this.

Promotes healthy lifestyle. Yoga encourages the health of body, mind, and soul — together! In addition to being a great source of physical activity for your child, yoga simply reiterates the fun and reliability of a healthy lifestyle. It teaches kids that being healthy isn’t just being physically fit. Total health incorporates the wellness of the mind and emotions as well.

Sense of stability and inner peace. Kids are so open, and are such quick learners, that they can grow a meditation practice in no time. They can develop the kind of inner peace that adults could only dream about! Giving your child the opportunity to create their own stability is perhaps one of the greatest gifts there is.

Without a doubt, you can’t go wrong with yoga for kids. We are excited to be a hub for kids’ yoga in Denver, as it is surprisingly hard to find! We hope you and your family will join us for our kids’ yoga events:

Firstly, we have our SunLit Yoga Series, powered by Sound of Colorado. This event takes place on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of June – August, 2018. Class takes place at the SE corner of Berkeley Lake Park from 9:30AM to 10:30AM. We have one class for adults and one class for kids (ages 5+). Each student gets a pair of sound-enhancing, noise-cancelling headphones to elevate the entire experience. We’re also offering free childcare for kids under 5, just make sure you sign up in advance! (You can sign up here.)

Secondly, we are running our Hula Camp for kids’ yoga: a four week series from July 10 – August 2. Bring your little one to enjoy some kids’ yoga, play, and breath work! The schedule hosts classes for kids ages 4 & under, 5-9, and 10-15 “tweens” — check it out:


Tuesday’s: 9:45AM Ages 4 & under

Tuesday’s: 10:45AM Ages 5-9

Wednesday’s: 9:45 Ages 4 & under

Wednesday’s: 10:45AM Ages 10-15 “Tweens”

Thursday’s: 9:45AM Ages 4 & under

Thursday’s: 10:45AM Ages 5-9

(You can sign up here.)

If you have any questions about our programming, you can email us at or give us a call, 303.495.5260!