Step Into The Flow: Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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There are a million different Yoga Teacher Training experiences and stories. Some people get into training to deepen their practice. Others want to learn to lead. Many have no idea why they sign up, but the reason unfolds beautifully over time. The experiences will vary for each student, but each will carry deep significance.

Every person we know who has been through Yoga Teacher Training experienced personal transformation and growth. You simply can’t get out of this journey without getting to know yourself a little better. It’s magical that way, and invaluable. We can’t wait to offer this program, in our own Ohana style. This post will give you the overall details of our Teacher Training, so you can get a peek of the tremendous value coming your way.

This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is directed by founder of Ohana Yoga + Barre, Alyssa Manny, and Devon Barrow. Alongside their experience and expertise, we have our skilled Program leaders: Clare Anderson, Marysia Do, and Randy Schneider. This crew is POWERFUL and knowledgeable in the world of yoga. The collective experience of our team is so diversified, which will benefit you and your unique path.

Our goal for this program is to show you how MEGA the yoga world is. We want to show you all the doors, so that when training is over, you feel equipped to go out (anywhere) and open the door that feels right for you.

We can’t wait to connect with you (digitally and personally) and share everything we will have to offer. Please know that with this big commitment, you may also receive big rewards… confidence, empowerment, deeper connection and a journey towards “self.” While these experiences are impossible to guarantee (only you can provoke such change), we can guarantee that you will be completely supported in this process with Denver’s best and brightest yoga, health and wellness industry professionals.


Friday’s 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday’s 9:30am – 11:30am

Saturday’s 12:45pm – 4:15pm

Sunday’s 9:30am – 11:30am

Sunday’s 12:45pm – 4:15pm


April 27th (Friday) – July 7th (Saturday)

*OFF on Sunday, May 13th for Mother’s Day

*OFF on Sunday, June 17th for Father’s Day

*OFF on June 29thJune 30th & July 1st for the weekend prior to the Fourth of July


Yoga History

Yoga Mythology

Yoga Philosophy


Pregnancy Modifications/ Variations


Posture Clinics

Hands-on Assists




Restorative Yoga

Yoga Nidra


Thai Yoga Massage

Theming a Yoga Class

Business of Yoga

Yoga Ethics


Our favorite part about this training is that we were able to take our experiences in our own Yoga Teacher Training programs and make this 200-Hour an exceptional journey. We’ve planned some really incredible events as a part of this training that give us goosebumps just to think about (we don’t want to give away all the good details, but stay tuned for the announcements!). Most importantly, the personnel who are a part of this program are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced (all of whom have been teaching for over 5+ years) and are truly living out their passion.


For those of you wondering about the financial investment, and the options there, please reach out to us!

If you are even a little bit curious, let’s have a conversation. We want to get to know you, and understand where you’re at in life. We want to understand what yoga means to you, and whether your time for training is NOW!

For more information, fun conversation, support, whatever you need… Please email and/or!

PS: If you already completed your 200 Hour YTT and looking for a more advanced training, check out upcoming 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Marysia Do!