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How To Do Yoga At Home

While our favorite way to yoga with you is in-person, in the atmosphere of our lovely studio, we ...
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Crush that Core Barre Workout with Alyssa

Ready for your next at-home Barre workout? Or maybe you're at the park. Maybe you're in your hotel ...
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Sweet Savasana: Exploring Yoga’s Most Important Pose

We’ve all heard it before in our yoga classes: savasana is the most important pose.  Or we see ...
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Gr8 Glutes: 8-Minute Seat Work Class with Ceci

We're feeling really jazzed about having this killer seat work video on hand. In this video, Ceci targets ...
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Yoga Alignment Breakdown: How to Chaturanga Dandasana

We asked, you answered. So many of you want to better understand one of Vinyasa's most common postures: ...
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Upper Body Workout Without Weights

Everybody loves a good arm workout. But we tend to think we're only getting a good arm workout ...
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Improve Your Posture! Neutral Pelvis Alignment

Raise your hand if you've ever had lower back pain after working out? Discomfort after standing too long? ...
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Creative Yoga Sequence Inspiration & Interview with Chris

Watch this creative yoga sequence by Chris! Inspire your practice. Ready to get inspired, teachers and students? ...
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A History of Yoga to Deepen Your Practice

The understanding of yoga has evolved in many directions since its origin, thousands of years ago, making the ...
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Heart Opening Gentle Yoga Flow For A Peaceful Holiday Season

The season of gratitude and joy has officially made its swift entry. As we all know very well, ...
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