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1. What do you love about Ohana Yoga + Barre?

Community! I absolutely love the community here. I’ve longed for it for some time and after I took my first class a little over a year ago, I knew I wanted to be here. From my experience practicing over the last 13-ish years, there are not many studios that cultivate community. And, I don’t mean come to class, exchange a hello, practice with 20-30 other students and bounce out. That’s not creating community; that’s creating a great following and class. Community to me is taking the time to get to know each other — making eye contact, smiling, being genuine when you ask how someone is doing, learning about their interests, getting together over coffee, joking, laughing and cultivating a meaningful interaction and friendships with them. 

2. Why do you practice yoga?

I practice for three reasons; exercise, community and peace of mind. Yoga has been my primary form of exercise for the last 13 years. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and more fit than I was in college or as a police officer. The community aspect is huge for me. I love being around people. I’m an extrovert and practicing next to others and hearing their breath motivates me. And, whether it’s a flow class or restorative, the peace of mind yoga affords is invaluable. I can work through distractions or things bothering me in the moment with my breath and my body. Yoga is all encompassing.

3. What is one thing that you want your students to know about you?

I’m approachable and always want their experience in class to be the best that it can be. If there is something they want to work on, tell me! If something didn’t feel right or a transition or pose felt awkward, tell me! I’m here as a guide and friend and only want the best for my students on and off their mat.

4. What gets you on the mat when you don’t want to practice, but know you need it? 

I bring it back to community and being a social beast. Plus, when I don’t practice I can totally feel the slight aches start to build and the stiffness start to set in.

5. What are you passionate about outside of yoga? 

I love being outdoors. Get me outside and watch the instantaneous zen set in. I love snowboarding, painting, creating, architecture and design and time with my girls; my wife and daughter.

6. Describe your teaching style in 3 words.

Intentional. Creative. Challenging.

7. Why is community important?

We’re all here, in these bodies for a certain amount of time. Let’s experience all that we can, let’s have fun, let’s move through the time we have here, together as one.

8. If you could perfect a single pose, right now, what would it be? 

Vrishchikasana – Scorpion pose. =)

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