First Time Reactions to the Ice + GLOW Ice Bath

Stepping into an ice bath for the first time is a daunting experience. The initial shock of the cold water triggers an instinctive response – the body tenses, the breath quickens, and the mind races. Yet, within this discomfort lies an opportunity for growth. By intentionally subjecting ourselves to stress in the ice bath, we learn to navigate adversity with grace. As we confront the discomfort head-on, we cultivate resilience that extends far beyond the icy waters. Each plunge becomes a lesson in perseverance, preparing us to tackle life’s challenges with a newfound sense of strength and resilience.

If you haven’t experienced the gift of cold therapy this video gives you a quick look into what the process is like and what you can expect from your body as you embrace intentional stress. Of course, every person is different and every time you enter the ice bath is different, but seeing it done once might help you break through the fear of cold, and come join us for an Ice + GLOW session.

First Timers Ice Bath Experience

Below are the first hand experiences of ‘Ohana community members and their first time in what we like to call the #truthtub, or Ice Bath.

“I’ve experience the #truthbath (Ice Bath) four times now. Every time I go with a mindset of what I would like to accomplish and maintain for my wellbeing moving forward. Each time I emerge out with great compassion, grace and love for myself. This has no only helped my mental state on learning how to take a longer pause on life challenges but has improved my connection with my kiddo. I highly recommend this to anyone who gives me the opportunity to share my experience.” – Karine N.

“I am kind of obsessed with it!! My first time was intense, and it’s amazing how once I got past that first panic I could settle in! I have done 3 so far and all with different guides. It is amazing how different yet the same it is. I have felt so safe each time even though I still go in with a little panic. I am so happy to have this available to me! The first time felt the most profound and the dream I had that night gave me the best and most needed message.” – Katie A

Denver Ice Bath + Sauna

“My very first ice bath was shocking. The second my feet were both in the tub and I sat down without hesitation I felt everything in my body say, “WHAT?!? WHYYY?!?” And I started to hyperventilate- so totally normal! But “we’re yogis, we exercise Prana on the daily”, and once you remember to breathe it gets easier and that “WHAT?!? WHY?!?” Shifts to a “When can I go again?”

I’ve lived with anxiety for my whole life, and the bath really amplified my stress response (Y’know, like sub 40* water will) and it’s been a really interesting journey navigating those responses and encouraging myself to release.

1) Don’t psych yourself out
2) if you don’t know what your stress response is, don’t anticipate how things will play out- we are here for you!
3) BREATHE, all you ever have to do is breathe.” – Liz, Ice Bath Guide

” I had an amazing and Uber-positive experience. I was eager walking into the beautiful and inviting space with @Alyssa Manny, who was supportive throughout the entire process. Alyssa has a gift while navigating you through your experience. I witnessed this during the training and in my first ice + glow today. Prior to this morning, the thought of the ice + glow was slightly intimidating but I was open to the process, which I feel alleviated nerves for me today. Advice: 1) Allow yourself to be open so you can try it…then allow yourself to be open to however you react to it. 2) Don’t build it up to be a “scary monster”….instead, remind yourself that this can manifest into the intention you set before the ice + glow. 3) Breathe. 4) Enjoy some or all parts of it! ” Carrie C.

Denver Ice Bath + Sauna

“It was incredible and invigorating. As a first-timer, Alyssa’s guidance was wonderful. I can’t wait to do it again!” – Lila G.

“Give it a try! It’s not exactly easy, but it gives your body a natural, drug-free boost and you won’t believe how clear and light your mind will feel.” – Joanne C.

Denver Ice Bath

These first time reactions have a lot of similarities. 1. The whole process often starts with fear. We don’t know what cold really feels like and fully immersing ourselves in it is overwhelming. 2. Being guided through your breath allows you to embrace what this healing modality has to offer and to settle into the challenge. 3. After accomplishing being in the ice bath (no matter how long) there is a huge sense of gratitude, an increase in mental clarity, and a whole host of other benefits.

‘Ohana’s Ice + GLOW sessions are open to all! Experience the gift of intentional stress with a single drop-in ($38), a discounted 10-pack or become an All-Access member and get two (2) complimentary sessions every month!

The #TruthTub is waiting for you. What does it have to teach you?

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