At Ohana, our yoga classes are completely accessible for the brand new practitioner as well as any seasoned pro. The wonderful thing about not only beginning a yoga practice, but also continuing over time, is that there is always something to learn. Yes, you will learn yoga postures (“asana”). Yes, you will learn breathing techniques (“pranayama”). Yes, you will learn how to quiet your mind (calm “vritti”). However, you will also learn about yourself through awareness… cognizance of your go-to stress responses that can be mitigated and controlled; presence of mind that surpasses your daily to-do list; connection to the moment to help you understand that you are, in fact, alive.

Hot Yoga | Heated Vinyasa Flow Classes

Heated Vinyasa Flow classes are progressive sequences that unfold with an inherent harmony and intelligence. Instead of walking into a room already blazing at 95 degrees or higher, we purposefully add heat as your body and musculature begin to warm. While external heat helps muscles become more pliable and workable, the slow heat we provide maintains ultimate safety as it targets superficial soft tissues (fascia) that allow you to move more fluidly without taking your joints (ligaments, tendons and muscles) past the “end range” of a given motion (end range = injury). Our slow heat concept is safe, accessible and beneficial for your body.

Barre Classes

Barre is definitely NOT the place where you meet friends for a cocktail. A barre class is the place where you go to get worked before you meet your friends for a cocktail. Welcome to one of the most challenging, rewarding and underrated full-body exercise methods on the planet. It will leave you long, lean and oh-so-ready for more.

Ohana Barre classes combine safe, functional, orthopedic exercises with pilates, yoga and strength training in order to build long, lean muscle mass is a truly intentional way. Modern exercise science is beginning to realize what we (Barre junkies) have known all along… train your body with eccentric contractions (muscles lengthening under tension – think of a slow lengthening of your arm after a bicep curl) in order to achieve real results. How? If you activate a muscle when it’s lengthened and work against resistance, you can increase your range of motion and build strength (lengthened muscles can handle 1.75 times more load/ weight than shortened muscles) at the same time. It’s like active stretching that torches calories, burns fat and boosts your metabolism (for up to 72 hours post-workout) simultaneously. And trust us, nothing about this feels like you’re stretching. Not only will Barre tone long, lean muscle mass, but it also provides joint safety and stability. That’s a huge win all the way around.


* ALL class formats REQUIRE the use of a yoga mat. Please bring your own or we offer rentals for $2. Barre classes REQUIRE sticky socks (in addition to a yoga mat). Please bring your own pair or we have many styles for purchase in-studio. Feel free to add personal comfort with a sweat/ non-stick towel (rentals $1.50) and water bottle (we offer disposable options and reusable water bottles for sale in our boutique). Come with an open mind and we will focus on taking care of the rest!

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