Unmask a softer, more creative, loving side of yourself that society has told you to dismiss. Denver's Only Divine Feminine FLOW was created to help guide you to become who you were always meant to be.

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The Divine Feminine

For generations, we've been taught that in order to succeed and be relevant in this world we need to show up and work harder, do more, compete, fight and control. The role of surrender, rest, and stillness has remained largely unaddressed. This imbalanced energy has created a culture of stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.

The truth is that you already do enough. The truth is that you already are enough. The truth is that you are radiant beyond measure. Stepping into this truth is to reclaim our divine feminine and rebalance the energetic scale: The need of our time.

Access Your Divine Feminine

This 2-hour offering will include movement, meditation, breathwork, journaling exercises, and community. In this safe space, we will explore the divine femininity and it can transform our lives.

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Divine Feminine Archetypes

Throughout the Divine Feminine FLOW, we explore a variety of archetypes that allow us to open doors into who we are and who we want to be. These archetypes include:

The Mother

Through her sensual, fertile, and life-giving energy all creation takes form. Regardless of our birth story, each of our hearts beat for the first time in the warm womb of The Mother, where she offered herself for another.

The Maiden

The Maiden archetype is the epitome of innocent arousal, naive sensuality, and precarious purity. She is compelling (and addictive) because of her flawless and youthful glow.

The Crone

The Crone laughs at notions of good or bad, right or wrong, as she has seen the earth churning, smoldering, taking life, and giving life. Her energy accepts everything in, devouring beauty and suffering with the same mouth, using their energy to reveal hidden secrets and knowledge.

The Warrior

The Warrior stands precariously at the edge of life and death, trusting the eternal to guide the sword’s blade. The Warrior’s work requires presence, alignment, and purpose. If and when she loses its center, meaningless confrontations and violence are their default response.

The Queen

Like her counterpart The King, The Queen has a dualistic nature. Either she presides over the realm with grace and eloquence that comes from the heavens to uplift the spirit of others or she falls into petty contemptuous moods casting a shadow across the land. The Queen is the expression of the ego in the world. To be a benevolent leader is to settle into deep trust, resolve, and power. The royal Queen fears nothing, for divinity itself cradles her heart.

The Sage

The Mentor archetype has a gift for reading the room, for sensing the exact ingredient that will stimulate growth within the student. She may appear aloof or available, harsh or tender, humorous or rigid… their gift is to know what serves the soul.

The Mystic

Unanswerable questions are The Mystic’s lifeblood. The Mystic revels in mystery, in the great riddle of life, dancing with forces of light and dark upon its wings.

The Creator

With meager, minimal, and outlandish materials The Creator reveals a new image. Though generative, this archetype annihilates preconceived notions of what is possible, leaving unexpected openings in the wake of its destruction.

The Lover

The Lover appreciates and experiences the world through the senses, reveling in beauty, song, art, music, scents, and sensuality. This energy awakens at the top of our tongue when we taste the sweetness of honey, kiss a lover, or speak gentle words to a child.

The Siren

The Siren calls, and the world spins. What we thought we wanted pales in comparison to the sweet allure of her song. We find ourselves lost in a spell of desire and longing, perhaps even lust. Whether the thing calling to us is ultimately “good” or “bad” is somewhat irrelevant – it’s the journey that matters. And the work of The Siren is to take us on a deep psychic descent. It’s likely, though, that falling for her call is the only way we will come to live more fully on the surface.