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We've all been there, wanting the tools to get us further in our personal evolution. Whether that was getting serious about turning wellness into a lifestyle or making space to tune in to listen to your own intuition. Your practice is a truly personal thing which is why we've created these accessible online fitness programs to help you hit your goals, create healthy habits, and find the evolution you've been looking for!

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30-Day Exhale

30-Day Exhale For $28

This 30-Day program is an invitation to let go, to release the weight on your shoulders, and return to your breath. Get classes that will provide a guide to meditation, movement, journaling, breath work and so much more.

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Yogic Philosophy Journey

30-Day Journey For $28

In this 30-day journey, you'll learn more about Vedic philosophy, alignment in your yoga practice, and have access to curated classes to help you find new depths in your practice. See what you can discover in 30 days!

Included with All-Access + 'Ohana Online

30-days of strength

30-Days of Strength for $28

Ready to get strong? From building muscles to tuning in and listening to yourself, you'll gain strength in ways you didn't know were possible after these 30-days are up. You'll find classes leading you through intense workouts to quick 20-minute flows.

Included with All-Access + 'Ohana Online

Yoga for Athletes: Winter Prep

Yoga For Winter Prep $28

Prepare for your winter adventures with the Yoga for Winter Prep series. In these ten 20-minute long yoga classes, we'll show you how to strengthen, loosen, and condition your body and prevent injury. Get ready for an epic winter with no limitations.

Included with All-Access + 'Ohana Online

The Four Elements Yoga Series

The 4-Elements for $28

A 4-part series with 60-minute Yoga FLOW classes to guide you through the 4 elements and what they have to offer you in your own evolution.

Included with All-Access + 'Ohana Online

Yamas and Niyamas Yoga Series

Yamas and Niyamas for $28

Through these 10 classes you'll learn and understand the first branch of yoga–the Yamas and Niyamas. Expertly explained in these 60-minute flows with Reace Daniel.

Included with All-Access + 'Ohana Online

Open Your Heart Yoga Program

Open Your Heart for $28

In this 5-part series, you'll learn new skills and drills to build strength in your back and shoulders, open up your chest, and learn how to safely get into back bending postures. When so much of our lives are spent hunched over at our desks and on our phones, we could all use a little more heart-opening!

Included with All-Access + 'Ohana Online

Yoga Alignment

Yoga Alignment for $28

Ever wonder if you're doing that pose correctly? Or maybe you're just not sure what a certain pose should feel like. Get our full breakdown of 19 commonly seen poses for just $28 and gain the knowledge of how to hold a pose, where you should feel it, and how it's making you stronger.

Included with All-Access + 'Ohana Online

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4-Part Mobility for $28

Looking to enhance mobility in your arms, hips, and spine? In this 4-part series, you'll go through different 60-minute FLOWS that will help you to engage new muscles, learn to properly align your poses, and build up the practice you need to enhance your mobility.

Included with All-Access + 'Ohana Online

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The best way to create your own transformation is by showing up on the mat often. With Ohana Yoga + Barre, you'll have access to hundreds of on-demand classes to watch anywhere, anytime plus live classes that you can add to your schedule for accountability.

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