Free Childcare


Little Lychees complimentary child care ends on August 31, 2023. We do not offer refunds or partial refunds. Adult group fitness + movement classes do not include complimentary child care.


Our Little Lychees Play Group, ages 2 months and up, takes place in our kid-approved playroom, set up with youth-directed activities. While you take class, your child will be immersed in mindful textures, sound, and movement exploration to enhance educational development.


Our maximum for the Little Lychees Playroom is eight (8) children per session, so that your child may receive personal attention from staff caretakers, many of whom are professionally experienced in childhood development.


Enjoy peace of mind that your littles are safe and content while you receive peace of body in your Ohana class. When you fill-up your cup, everyone around you benefits, especially YOU!


"'Ohana thank you so much for creating the perfect space for postnatal mammas. I know my postnatal experience I had a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress and guilt leaving my son. But your childcare is absolutely the best. It provided me with a space where I could decompress. I could breathe. I could clear my mind. For me, it saved my sanity during a time when I was exhausted. I am forever grateful. You all are incredible."

-Callie G.

Little Lychees Best Practices

We're so proud of you for taking some YOU time and utilizing our Little Lychees Play Group! Offering free child care is something that brings us great joy, and also comes with some responsibilities. Please read through our Little Lychees best practices to make sure all of our parents within this community are given a chance to enjoy this amazing support.

Registering for Little Lychees

The best way to make sure you have a spot in Little Lychees for your desired class is to plan ahead:

Register a week in advance and get into the rhythm of a new schedule.

Parents MUST be on site at all times!

If your schedule changes, please cancel ASAP so that someone else on the waitlist can take your spot(s). A late cancel fee of $12 will be applied to anyone who cancels less than 2-hour prior. To learn how to cancel watch the video below.

If you need to cancel within 2-hour of the class start time,  please email to request this cancellation. You will still be charged the $12 late cancel fee, but we will be able to contact others on the waitlist to help them register.

"I was hesitant to try 'Ohana only because of the distance from my house and my daughter’s school, but I am SO happy I did. I’d never taken a barre class before. I LOVE the combo of yoga and barre and how it feels in my body. I’ve loved every instructor. On top of that, you offer free childcare! And mat storage! And my first sound bath experience! I thought it couldn’t get any better."

- Sarah B

"I have two young kiddos 4 + 16 Months. 'Ohana has been incredible in the way that they support me as a client. Between offering free child care to supporting postnatal poses, 1:1 support during, before, and after classes, I felt an intense community of support and love. The message of grace and love
for my body was the most important part for me. I'm so grateful to Ohana for providing a space for me to come and be me."

- Hanna S.

Get on the Waitlist

Click the "Join Waitlist" on the Little Lychees schedule. Please save this phone number: (720) 539-7328 in your phone. Once a spot opens up due to a cancelation, you will receive a text message from this phone number that will send you a link to register for class.

We recommend reaching out to the support team (icon in the lower right corner of Union) to confirm that you are correctly enrolled to receive texts about the Little Lychees waitlist.

You will receive a text and email confirmation every time you add yourself to the waitlist for a class.

The class registration list moves around regularly! If you are on the waitlist, plan as if you will get into class. Most parents experience the opportunity to register for class either the night before or the morning of.