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Yoga For Mamas

Yoga For Mamas Brought To You By Ohana + Kanga Care

There are days where you just don't want to get out of bed. Days that your to-do list ...
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Kanga Care Cloth Diapers

Are Cloth Diapers Worth It?

Wipe, rinse, wash, repeat. Feeling me, momma? Does that sound like the majority of your day? Perhaps throw ...
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Postpartum Restorative Yoga

The Transcendental Power of Restorative Yoga

It’s no secret that we live in a society obsessed with productivity. In today’s world, it is all-too-common ...
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Tarot Journeling

The Art of Tarot Journaling

Tarot, oracle, animal spirit - you name it, there’s a deck for it these days. Discovering how to ...
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Divine Feminine Energy

The Rise of the Divine Feminine: Connecting to Your Feminine Energy

Whether we self-identify as male, female, or non-binary, we all possess a delicate balance of masculine and feminine ...
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Yoga For Athletes

Yoga For Athletes: How Increasing Your Awareness Can Unlock Your Athletic Potential

As a former college athlete, my physical body has long been one of my most useful tools; a ...
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How Does Prana Enter The Body

Energy that Moves You: How to Consciously Increase the Flow of Prana in Your Body & Life

Everything is energy. The air we breathe, the thoughts we think, the feelings we emote - while we ...
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Full Body Workout

20 Minute Barre BLAST For Full Body Power

There's nothing like a Barre class to get the body burning — especially a Barre BLAST class with the ...
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What is Prana

Prana & the Power of the Energy Body: Increasing Life-Force Energy For A More Balanced Life

I don’t know about you, but this month tends to be the time of year I like the ...
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Postpartum Weight Loss

My Postpartum Weight Loss Journey: What I Gained From Losing Sixty-Five Pounds Last Year

When I checked into the hospital the weekend my daughter was born, I weighed 212 pounds. I had ...
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