Why Your Muscles Shake After Working Out

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If you aren’t seeing results from your workouts maybe it’s time to shake things up–literally! When you work your muscles in a new way, they react in a new way and barre or yoga are great ways to experience the physique-changing muscle shakes that build endurance. By holding a contraction longer than you’re used to, you will likely experience muscle fatigue and shaking that results in improved strength and conditioning. 

Is it normal for muscles to shake during exercise?

Your muscles may shake during exercise as a result of muscle fatigue; however, muscle shakes are not necessarily an indicator of fitness or lack thereof. To better understand what’s happening when your legs shake during a barre or yoga workout, consider that a motor unit consists of a motor neuron and muscle fibers. The firing of these motor units is what provides force for your muscles. The longer you work out, or hold a contraction, the more these signals decrease or slow down. Tremors, or muscle shaking, are the result of these motor unit changes. As your muscles rapidly alternate between contracting and relaxing, you experience shaking.

Should I stop working out if my muscles are shaking?

Embrace the shake! Muscle shakes are harmless, provided you are allowing for adequate rest and recovery between workouts and staying hydrated. If you are hydrated and recovering properly, then chances are your shaking muscles are just a sign of working your body in new ways while developing muscle endurance and increasing strength. 

What is muscle fatigue? 

Simply put, muscle fatigue decreases your muscles’ ability to perform over time. Most commonly experienced following strenuous activity or exercise, muscle fatigue causes the force behind your muscles’ movement to decrease, making you feel weaker. This may result in sore muscles and excessive tiredness. However, for the most part, this is not something to cause you concern and is part of the process of becoming more fit. To help minimize muscle fatigue, ensure you properly recover in between workouts, stay hydrated, and eat a nutrient-rich and whole-foods-based diet.

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