Crystals For Better Sleep

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Sleep is a fundamental part of our health and well-being. There is no shortage of pills and potions being marketed to us claiming to be the answer to all our sleep woes–but how many of these remedies are actually doing us more harm than good?

Relying on potentially habit-forming sleep aids to get better sleep isn’t sustainable for our bodies or our wallets. Rather, there are more natural alternatives for helping us get a higher quality sleep that is much less intense on the body physically and much more restorative to the body energetically–crystals! In fact, using the right crystal for sleep has the power to help us get to bed effortlessly while simultaneously infusing our bodies and subconscious with its healing properties. 

What Crystals Are Good To Sleep With?

Cultures around the world have used crystal healing for centuries to treat a vast array of physical and spiritual ailments. The earth is made up of thousands and thousands of naturally occurring minerals, many with potent abilities to heal and fortify our energies. In this way, crystals possess the vibratory healing power of the earth. They are able to reflect, receive, and refract the energies we emit to help us find inner balance and peace. 

The use of crystals for sleep is a relatively untapped phenomenon in the modern world. Our sleep can get disrupted for a wide variety of reasons – stress, anxiety, diet, technology use, the list goes on. Regardless of its source, trouble with getting sleep stems from an imbalance of energy. We can’t quiet our racing thoughts, we can’t relax, and we can’t find stillness or peace. Our vibration is totally off. 

To raise our vibration without over-stimulating our nervous systems before bedtime, using crystals for sleep can be a powerful tool. Simply put, balancing our energies requires us to chill out and relax. Falling and staying asleep requires a certain level of surrender which can only happen when we are fully relaxed and at peace. The vibratory power of certain crystals allows us to more easily surrender our minds, bodies, and spirits to the restorative power of sleep: here are a few examples!


Fluorite is the stone of peace and inner calm. The blissful power of fluorite is known to promote feelings of deep relaxation making it one of the ideal crystals for sleep. This stone helps clear away the fog of stagnant energy to re-balance and purify the body. Purple-hued fluorite specifically is known as the dream crystal. It functions as a dreamcatcher, blocking out negative or violent dreams and promoting peaceful rest. It can also help us in remembering our dreams and can even aid in a lucid dreaming experience.

Rose Quartz

Known for radiating positive, loving energy, rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals for sleep. These pink-colored gems are the stones that just make us feel good – their energy can uplift our spirits and help us cultivate feelings of self-love. They also possess a calming effect that can be very effective in helping us stay asleep throughout the night. Having a rose quartz in a sacred sleep space is thought to promote more pleasant, less disruptive dreams. 


The amethyst stone is known to help relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, two conditions known for negatively impacting sleep. It is a protective stone that can help calm the mind to prepare for deep rest. Of all the crystals for sleep, the amethyst stone is the most powerful in fostering connecting to our intuition. This stone interacts with your spirit at a very high level – placing an amethyst stone near your sleep space or underneath your pillow will likely result in some pretty intuitive or psychic dreams!

Sleep Better With A Crystal Under Your Pillow!

Where you place your crystal is also an important factor in our ability to absorb the vibrations of their energy. For larger crystals, the bedside table or a nearby shelf are great options. However, smaller stones can have just as much of an effect when they are placed underneath a pillow or mattress. If using more than one crystal, try placing four crystals in each corner of the bed underneath the mattress to promote balance. For maximum effect, try meditating with the crystal prior to bedtime and then placing the crystal under your pillow or on the bedside table for the night.