Postnatal Yoga FAQ

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We know that having a baby can be the most exciting event in your life, and the scariest, all at the same time.

Pregnancy is one kind of experience, which requires a certain form of support and learning. The postnatal period, after you’ve given birth, is completely different. Not only do you have your new infant to care for, but you are also healing your entire body after the changes of giving birth while adjusting to a new lifestyle.

Giving birth is a momentous experience for all mothers. After birth, your body, mind, and spirit are no longer the same. Life looks so different from how it used to. And while the new baby love in your life is a true blessing, the changes can feel overwhelming.

To process these changes and establish a community with other mothers, we always recommend postnatal yoga for new mamas. These classes help you rehabilitate your physical body while addressing the mental and emotional challenges of motherhood.

Many new mothers are hesitant to try a postnatal yoga class, especially if yoga is new to them. So we’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s here, answered by our very own Founder and mama, Alyssa Manny.

It is our hope that this blog helps answer some of the questions that may be holding you back from trying out postnatal yoga. We hope you’ll get to experience a class soon!

Frequently Asked Questions: Postnatal Yoga

I don’t practice yoga, but I’ve heard amazing things. Is it a good time to start?
Yes. Yes. And YES! Now is a perfect time to begin. Why? Because you’re curious. The postnatal practice is all about creating a new understanding of your body through breathwork and intentional movement. It’s time for you-time.

When is it safe to practice yoga again?

This is a question for you and your OBGYN and/or midwife professional to connect on after birth. Whether you experience a miscarriage, vaginal birth, or a C-section, every woman’s body is different. Create a game plan with your care provider that is best for you and your needs.

My body is completely different now. Will I ever get back to “normal”?

The answer is yes and no. Your physical body went through amazing changes to nurture the growth of another human being. While it may not be the same as it was before, it may even be “better” with a holistic understanding of your deep core, your energetic body, and a growth mindset.

Do I have to take Postnatal yoga classes or can I practice in regular classes?

You can do whatever your heart desires. While our specially curated Postnatal classes are designed for your current experience, our classes on Ohana Online are guided by masterful teachers who provide Prenatal and Postnatal modifications to make the experience accessible for all.

Is it safe to twist?

While one of the Prenatal modifications in the yoga practice is to be mindful of twists, you can twist your spine to your heart’s desire as long as you are paying attention to your breath and are mindful of your movement. Go slow, stay connected, and feel the journey.

How can I get my core back?

Pregnancy requires normal abdominal separation to make room for your growing baby. Some women also experience diastasis recti, which is a large separation of the rectus abdominis muscles at the front of your body. In either scenario, it’s important to be able to reconnect to your deep core: pelvic floor muscles, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, and multifidus muscles at the back of your spine. When getting back into your practice post-delivery, it’s important to create stability first, and then initiate from the deep core. Want to find out more? Join our family. We talk about this process obsessively.

What if I fall asleep?

Sleeeeeeep, mamma. Enjoy it. If you’re able to get so rested that you end up falling asleep, WIN!! Sleep is a stranger in these years. Take it when you can get it 🙂

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